confessions of the literal-minded

i want


thank you


i was bleeding and screaming silently,

so you pulled out the handkerchief that by

accident was plugged inside my mouth and

muffled my voice, and you washed around the

wound on my knee with some alcohol and

added a band-aid as a final touch.


i wanted to spread my wings and fly, so

you took me bungee-jumping and it did

make me feel like a bird for nine seconds,

and when i complained it wasn't enough

you went to the airport and ordered two

tickets and we boarded on the next flight.


i lost count of my tears, so you brought me

a bucket and made sure you didn't miss

a drop. i was blind and you made me see.

you mixed mud with spit and pulled a jesus

on me. you found me inside the closet

when everyone had tired of go-seek.


when my heart was breaking apart, you with

all your wisdom explained that my heart was

not made of glass or porcelain and that

it was not that vulnerable unless

someone purposely dissected the thing.

i think

i just

fell in love

with you