Valentines Special

- - -

Revenge is as sweet as valentines

- - -

Be Warned! The ending is not an "I-love-you" ending, quite the opposite. The title's a clue...but still, review plz...

- - -

What the hell, it's valentines day,

And I still can't decide what to say,

The guy's just there but I can't move,

What words to speak, I can't chose,

He looks at me and I look at him,

Sparks fly everywhere like in a film,

I know what I feel, but I just can't express,

My feelings to him without causing distress,

My lips move but no sound comes out,

My thoughts are mixed, all ready to shout,

The fire in my eyes burns brighter by the second,

I jolt from my seat as his body beckons,

I clench my fists and square my shoulders,

Head high, back straight, as strong as boulders,

I march as I wonder what I have got to tell,

Just three words and I scream at him: