A Rose

> > >

Just some sleep,

Only a little rest.

She just wanted a break

From her life that was a test.

> > >

She fought everyday,

Fought for her friends.

Kept herself alive,

Struggled to meet ends.

> > >

But she got no rest,

Every movement a task.

She just wanted to sleep,

Is that too much to ask?

> > >

Finally she broke,

The end of the world here.

She could now sleep,

But one still needed her near.

> > >

He wanted to save her,

To chase the pain away,

But she would not let him come,

And on her shoulders the burden did stay.

> > >

At her end he stayed beside her,

Giving her comfort in her last hour.

And on her grave his love did exist,

A single red flower

To show she is missed.

> > >

well?? what'd ya think? -ash