Don't Wake Me Up

How could this happen?

The bleeding, the pain,

It won't go away?

The lies fall like rain…

You never think this will happen to you,

Because it's never crossed your mind before,

You think it will only happen to someone else…

…I don't think that anymore…

I always lived in my own world,

And nothing ever bad happened or went wrong,

Until I actually looked outside my barriers,

My world didn't hold on for long,

I refused to believe something so cruel,

I refused and said they were only lies,

But now I know my world isn't real,

I finally had to open up my eyes…

You do nothing but hurt me,

You bring the worst out,

You make me hide things I shouldn't,

Things that make me want to shout,

But no, I don't have the heart to do it,

Because it hurt so much whenever it came to mind,

I couldn't tell anyone what I knew about you,

I'd just pray that someone will discover what I find,

And though I can't bring myself to tell you,

I know I'll never see you the same way,

I'll never get peace worked out about this,

Why do you make me feel like a liar every day?

Why won't you let me rest?

Salty tears cloud my eyes,

As I can see much of the real truth,

Hidden in your stupid lies…

What could've gone wrong?

You tear us all apart,

With all your secrets,

You stab a knife through my heart.

I can never find peace to sleep with,

You're the reason I cry every night,

But in my dreams I forget all of this,

But sleeping is such a constant fight,

When your words run over in my mind,

I fall asleep with hatred burning my inside,

But God gives me good dreams for comfort,

He gives me dreams that I don't have to hide,

Dreams that are better than this world,

Better than your lies pouring from a glass cup,

If I could live in a world of my dreams…

…Then don't wake me up…

As dreams cradle my mind,

The hurt, the bleeding pain,

It will cease for a split moment,

I don't feel so insane…

If I could live in a perfect world,

Without your lies and violence,

A place where I don't have to hide,

A place where I can sleep with silence…

…Then please don't wake me up…