Laughter of Ignorance

She sits on the bed,

Waiting for the dreaded moment,

Tears streaming slowly,

Silent screams,

Unheard dreams,

She wanted comfort,




Strong arms to keep her warm in the winter,

A sweet attitude to keep her happy in the summer,

A kind heart to love.

He stands by his window,

Watching her from the distance,

Wishing to talk to her,

Too shy to say anything,

Hoping that she'll start a conversation,

Smoke coming from a huge plantation,

Screams heard from the distance,

Laughter of Ignorance,

No one knows what he wants,

No one hears him out,

A pitiful whisper coming from the door,

Raven hair showing through the steam,

A man approaching her slowly,

Planning to take her to his master,

She fights for her freedom,

But only to drown,

A foggy blur,

Watches her stir,

Coming to,

Only to find the invisble chains,

Holding down her sanity,

Days she lost her sense of freedom,

Her dignity,

Her vanity,

Her security,

He didn't like the fact that she was gone,

The days grew longer,

It seemed like time stopped,

And watched her drop,

Into a vortex of her heart,

He tried to grab her hand,

Help her stand,

Give her an allby,

Wipe the hollow tears,

Keep her from her fears,

...Laughter of Ignorance,....

Locked in the grey prison,

No hero now,

Tears falling constantly,

Suffocating in the water,

Drowning out her sound,

Dreaming of her helping hand,

The day she'd make her stand,

Out of her prison she'd be,

Back to the land of her dreams,

He'd be waiting with open arms,

Her confidence would grow,

He finally caught her hand,

And brought her to her promised land,

She regained her lost,

Her dignity,

Her vanity,

And security.