Nothing to Live For

Lonely as ever.

Nothing to do.

Why even bother

When I got nothing to live for?

My life's over.

Nothing to live for.


Absolutely nothing.

Why even bother?

My friends probably will care

If I just commit suicide.

But I won't know.

I'll be dead.

Even as I write this,

My heart's breaking.

Not from rejected love

Rather envy.

It may sound weird coming from me.

But I envy everyone in my life,

My friends,

My family.

Hell even my enemies.

At least they got a taste

Of how REAL life is.

Unlike me.

I now know how an abandon puppy feels;


Not wanted.

Why bother with life?

When I don't care anymore.

If you have a reason

For me to live once more....


That's all I want.

For someone who can show me the way.

I wanna live for real

Not what I've been doing all this time.

I wanna LIVE!

That's all I can wish.

That's all I can hope.

That's all I want before I die.

Cause I don't want to die just yet.

But I will since I have nothing to live for.