Fukai Ai Ninen

By Kurohane Shizumi

--Lesson 1--

Seyoi Private Academy. A prestigious academy located in the capital of Hyogo-fu, Kobe-ku. It holds the most brilliant students in Osaka. The headmaster, Kusagi, knew that his students were bright. He also knew that every now and then brilliant people deserved a little break. Not just any break, but a fun little event as well. Now, being a school with every sort of subject imaginable, he knew that the shinensei (Fourth Year students) who had traveled to American and Britain for their last year, were highly captivated by the findings in culture and asked them one year what they thought the school should do to spice things up a little. They answered heartedly, "A Homecoming Dance!"


Monaru was surprise to hear that the school would be hosting a dance for all the students, new and old. They were calling it a 'homecoming', which Monaru thought was very strange because they weren't coming home, but rather back to school. In the end, he went with it. The office was selling the tickets to the event and the Student Council was planning the event. So far, the event went unannounced formally. If you didn't go to the office, have friends talking about which girl they were going to ask out --or try to ask out, rather-- or pay extra close attention to the announcements, you missed out on it being even mentioned.

Kotaru was one of those people. He had no real reason to ever go to the office, he didn't really have much friends --aside from his roommate-- and he was usually finishing up the next day's assignments when the announcements were voiced. He was the nerd, if you will, of them all. He was only there, after all, on a full scholarship. He got straight A's with extreme hard work and some nifty help from his roommate. Probably the only thing he really had going for him was his roommate. You see, this school was really more for the rich people that didn't get in on scholarships. In fact, that was 80 of the school population: rich young adults.

So it was no surprise that his roommate was one of the 80. There were, after all, only approximately twelve hundred students total: six hundred from girls and the other half from boys. Hell, with those stats, he was lucky to even be looked at. Even more surprising, was roommate he was famous for having. This particular person was considered the prince of all Kobe-ku. Maybe even Osaka. He was the son of a major firm owner. He was tall, dark and handsome in every sense. His name was Takeishi Monaru. However, the school didn't know of Monaru's current infatuation with a certain, shocking, someone.

So one day, Ichirou, an acquaintance, came up to Kotaru and asked this: "Did you know Monaru-senpai bought a two tickets to the dance?"

Kotaru looked up the boy and blinked. "Dance?" he inquired.

"Oh come on! Don't tell you haven't heard?" Ichirou said, shocked.

"No," Kotaru replied matter-of-factly.

"Kusagi-san's decided to throw a 'homecoming' dance! Everyone came come, but you have to buy the tickets to get in."

"Oh. Monaru-san's bought one, then?"

"Two," Ichirou corrected, "Which means he's going to ask someone to the dance! All our chances are ruined!"

Kotaru laughed. "Is that so? Who is he going to take?"

"Probably Yuko. She is the prettiest girl in the whole academy."

Kotaru laughed again, "You'd best not let her hear you speak her name so casually."


Kotaru arrived at his dorm room expecting to see Monaru waiting for him. However, this was not the case. Monaru was actually being bombarded by women wanting to know who the hell he was going to take to the dance. They said they used the word 'take' because all he had to do was say 'you' and it'd be an automatic yes. This provided Monaru with a sweatdrop. He was happy to make it to the male dorms since the girls couldn't follow him there. They were still grouped outside the lobby of the male dorms calling for him. Matsudaira, the male dorm head, sweatdropped and said, "You sure do attract a crowd."

"Yeah," replied Monaru as he waited for the elevator.

"What's with them?"

"They want to know who I'm asking to the dance."


"Let's just say," Monaru said as the elevator opened, "that no one has to worry about it. Especially the boys."


Monaru opened the door to his dorm room. He slipped out of his shoes as he shut and locked it. Then he slipped into slippers and made his way to his shared bedroom. The five o'clock sun made the room swim in gold lights. Monaru smiled. On the right bed was a slumbering Kotaru. The boy was lying on his stomach. His slippers were untidily lying at the foot of the bed. Monaru had a vision of Kotaru coming in and plopping down on the bed he was lying in. Monaru sighed and walked over to the boy. He knelt next to the bed and placed feather light touches to the boy's cheeks.

Kotaru moaned slightly and grabbed at the hand. Then, he blinked his eyes open. When he saw Monaru, he sat up right. Monaru chuckled.


"I'm sorry. Did you want to sleep in?"

Kotaru sighed. "No. What time is it?"


Kotaru sighed again and stretched off the after effects of grogginess one feel's after sleeping. He then yawned and shook his head. Then he said, "Oh yeah. I heard there's going to be a dance and that you bought two tickets."

"Oh that. Yes, I did."

"Going to ask out Yuko-chan?" Kotaru laughed.

Monaru face faulted. "Is that what's going around?"


Monaru sighed. "No. I'm not. You know who I'm taking."

Kotaru looked at him as though there were something he wasn't being told. "You can't."

"Why not?"

"Because. It won't work."

"I can buy a dress and a wig and a bra and we'll stuff the bra."

"For you?"

"No! I can't wear a dress… it wouldn't look quite right on me."

"Well, I don't want to go."

"Why not?!"

"Because dances bore me."


"There's nothing to do but dance."

Monaru sighed with frustration. "Well shit."

Kotaru chuckled.

"Okay. Well, let's go out to dinner."

"Kay," Kotaru replied as the door was knocked.

"Be right back," Monaru said as he made his way to the door.

It was Ichirou.

"Hey, Monaru-senpai. Nakashima-sensei wanted me to tell you that the boy's dress code for the dance will be formal. Oh, and you're suppose to wear black and red."

"Thanks Ichirou-san." Monaru waited till Ichirou was down the hall before he called to Kotaru, "Ko-chan! You can't wear a dress!"


Yes, Higashii Kotaru was Monaru's one true love. Sounds almost too good to be true right? Sounds as though maybe it shouldn't be true, huh? Well, Monaru and Kotaru are as tight as glue.

Currently the two were in Monaru's car, just finished dinner and were driving home. "So, what are we going to do with my ticket?" Kotaru asked as they got out and heading for the elevator.

"Yours alone?" Monaru replied, stepping into the stopped box.

"Yeah. If you want to go I won't stop you because I don't," Kotaru answered, the doors closing and the box going up to their floor.

"I'm not leaving you alone ever again," Monaru said seriously, grabbing on to Kotaru's hand indistinctively as he left the elevator and walked down the circular hallway to their room.

"Motchan…" Kotaru whispered, "That was almost a year ago…"

"Yeah, but I still feel responsible for the whole thing…" Monaru said as he got the door opened and pulled his lover inside, locking it when the task was complete.

Kotaru smiled painfully at him, "I don't blame you. My parents don't blame you. I don't want you hurting for no reasoning at all, Motchan."

Monaru sighed and said, "I know…" then he pulled Kotaru close to him, hugging him, and as he nuzzled into the soft locks he said, "I love you, Ko-chan."

"I love you, too, Motchan."

Monaru kissed the top of his lover's forehead and said, "Okay. So about the dance…"

Kotaru chuckled, "I don't want to go…"

"How bout as friends? We don't have to say I gave you the ticket."

Kotaru sighed. "Why do you want to go so bad?"

"I've never been to a school dance. Plenty of formal dress parties, but not one with tons of other kids the same age as me."

Kotaru sighed, "Okay, Motchan, I'll go with you… as a friend."

Monaru smiled happily and nuzzled harder into his lover's blonde locks. Kotaru, with a bland look on his face, just blushed cutely.

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