A/N: I try to make the poems long but sometimes I can't. Because I am running out of ideas. So I work with what I think of. Most poems may not have meaning. Oh well though, I do try to think of the poems, It actually takes great effort for to think these things up I'll have you know. C'ya! And thanks oh kind people.

No one heard her cry,

Saw her die,

Right in time,

There she died,

Wondering why,

Her time was up,

Her blood was poured in a cup,

Her corpse with left in the dust,

For they must,

Have no one to trust,

That is because of their bloodlust,

She cried,

With no one by her side

No one left to trust,

They left her in the dust,

They must have no heart,

They don't care about her depart,

She fought for her life,

In despite,

She never thought,

That it would end like this,

Nothing to gain,

Minus the bliss,