Othello, Corrupted

Othello wants his love for her to remain known to her
But his jealous friend corrupted his mind
Deceiving his love for Desdemona, the bride soon to be
Her tears no longer mean a thing,
Her lover is now convinced she's been having another lover,
Behind his eyes
"She hasn't been faithful" says his dear friend
Lied to you
Desdemona remained true to you
True as the sky is blue
Oh so heavenly true
Iago's blackness is as the devil's own Hell
For Othello took his woman's virtue
Without knowing any truth
Help ho! Help! This mistress' life is gone
Within the plotting of a jealous man
Curse Iago, damn him to Hell
Corrupting the mind of a man so great
A man so high within his ripe mind
Brought down over jealousy
Took his love's life
With mistake
What a mistake
"I kissed thee ere I killed thee. No way but this,
Killing myself, to die upon a kiss"