She knows this is the final hour of her life

She just cannot take this pain anymore

Shaking and shivering as she grabs her pen and paper


Her blood gently pours from her wrist

Little drops of blood stain her paper

She's crying now

Her heavy eyeliner smearing down her face

Her vision blurred from her tears

Softly praying to god:

"Is this what you wanted?!?! Did you love me?!?! You ignored my cries! What did I ever do?"

Such beauty in her broken state

The deep blue eyes

Now look like glass…shattered

All those times they teased her

All those times they hurt her

All those times her loves broke her heart

Have finally taken their final toll on her

Getting herself together…

She sits up and shallows finishing her note

Crying so intensely now

She picks up her blood-stained knife


Such a beautiful stormy night

She yells to no one:

"Is this what you wanted? All I never did was love you! My shattered heart will never mend so now, I will never breathe again!"

She chokes back on her words

And cuts deeper and deeper

Surrounded in a pool of blood

Her suicide note drenched in her blood

She tells herself;

"I'm only happy in my dreams where nothing can harm me… it's when I wake up that is my nightmare, now I can sleep forever."

She grabs her sleeping pills

And takes six of them

She takes her pillow and strokes it and lays her head down

Her final resting place

She cries until she falls into her eternal sleep

From her blood loss and pills

Such a beautiful tragedy

Her love finds her suicide note stained with her blood

It reads a misery song

The final song

I loved you

But you loved HER

I could never win

All those days, remember?

You would watch your friends hit me and shove me and trip me

Yet you said nothing

You would hear them torment me over nothing

You still said nothing

The way you held your girlfriend tight

The way you stroked her face

The way you kissed her

I knew I could never be her

Ha, I used to dream of you taking my pain away

Wiping my tears away

But you never cared

I loved you more than you would ever know

I would have been anything for you

I could not live without you

Without you I will die

My broken heart can never mend

So I will never breathe again

I'm only happy in my dreams with you

So now, I will be asleep and dreaming forever

I loved you

And I forgive you


Please don't forget me

Just then, the thunder outside booms...

Her eyes open wide and she breathes her last breath.

She looks so happy and peaceful

She is gone

The only thing left…

Is the suicide note

Stained in her blood

His permanent memory of her

A/n: Sorry for such depressing stuff, Im very depressed right now, hope you liked. It's kind-of like my piece She is gone but darker and relates more to what I'm feeling now than my other one, sorry, just ignore me.