Just Leave Me Alone:

"Just leave me alone."

But how alone?

It's been you and me
For a while now
And parting will be like...
I don't know what it will be like.

I'm afraid
That if I leave you alone
Then you'll make
The decision that I don't want you to make
But if I don't leave you alone
Then maybe you won't come up
With a decision anyway.

So I will
Let you be
For now.

Because that's all I can do.

Yahuh... like I said, LTOMM is on hold. I've been writing a little... but just not getting it to where I want it.

Thanks for everyone's reviews for my other stuff. I haven't properly replied to your reviews...

Review responses for So Now I Cry:

Princess-anna57: Thanks. I wrote this yesterday, but yeah... things I kind of turning out better.

angelsno1slayer: thanks. Twasn't a good day for me though... Thanks for your reviews on all the other poems too!

euphorix: lying is bad... but things kind of worked out.

p-y-a: I wouldn't submit this. Because I think it gets published somewhere... or entered somewhere else... I don't know. But this is just too... close to submit. But kind of ok... talk later.

Review responses for Heart Art:

fourth degree burn: cool! Thanks.

euphorix: ONLY the beginning? Lol. Cool.

Kylie1403: Yay! Hehe. I might... I still have a week till I have to submit anything...

p-y-a: oh you did you did. I'm ever so proud. Lol. And I might... I still don't like some of it... but we'll see.

I'll try with LTOMM, I promise!