The Unforgettable Sound

Rating: R

Summary: Peter has no one to spend New Years' with, never has spent any holiday with anyone for the past two years, since he came out to his family. But Jared, a cashier at Super-Mart, fixes that quite easily. Slash, M/M.

Warnings: a gay guy asking his step-brother if he's a 'cocksucking bastard.' And slash. Maybe some swearing.

I snarl as I realize what day it is. The day before New Years Eve. I hate holidays-the last two years I've spent all of them alone, watching South Park while wallowing in self-hate.

And being 21 doesn't really make a difference. The only difference is that I can get wasted.

I pull on my red Godsmack hoodie and shove my feet into my converses before pulling my keys off the table. I pull the door shut behind me and lock it, and continue down the steps of the three story apartment building I reside in.

No one's walking up or down the steps-that's because everyone in the apartment building leaves for holidays, unlike me-after I came out to my family they didn't want anything to do with me. And I never really made friends. The last boyfriend I had hurt me, and ever since I've had a wall around me. I don't talk to others that often.

I get into my small car, start it, and back out of the parking lot. Super-Mart is the best place to buy anything you need. It's the biggest store within a 100 mile radius and it's got everything-CDs, DVDs, booze...anything you could possibly need. Which is why I'm going there. It's got booze and South Park.

I pull into the parking lot and make sure my car is locked before I get out and walk into the store.

For as long as I can remember, Super-Mart has always been here. It's where I met my first boyfriend and where I broke up with him. It holds a lot of memories. And even though I don't know it, I'm sure it'll hold more.

I head over to the alcohol aisles and pick out a random bottle of vodka as well as a bottle of brandy. No, you dumbass, I don't plan to drink them together...They just happen to be my two favorite kinds of alcohol. Yes, I'm a freak, leave me alone.

And then I head over to the DVD aisles, find South Park, and grab three seasons I don't have, then head to the cashier people.

I get some blue haired guy-Jared-that looks like he's my age. It's then I realize he's extremely hot and that there's always the choice of self-checkouts. I'm afraid of confrontation. Leave me alone.

"Find everything today?" he asks me boredly. I catch his gaze and I swear he forgets he's doing anything as he looks into my eyes.

"Y-Yeah," I nod, tearing away from his gaze. I hear him snort.

"South Park, huh?"

"Yeah. That's how I've been spending my holidays these past few years...After I came out to my family they didn't want anything to do with me...And I turned 21 on the 28th, so now I get to drink, too,"

"You're gay?" he asks in disbelief.

"Yeah, why?" it's now I realize I'm using 'yeah' too much.

"You just look...way too straight to be gay," he says, shaking his head and giving me a long look. "You're cute, though, I won't deny that,"

"Yeah, I was thinking that about you," I smile. "I'm Peter, by the way,"

"Jared, though you probably knew that already, because of my nametag,"

"Nice meeting you,"

"Your total comes to 143.22," he says. I hand him my credit card. "Hey...I don't have anyone to spend New Years with either...Would you like to spend it together?"

"On a few conditions," I sign the reciept. "One, if you're gay, because chances are I'll end up kissing you because I'll get so shitfaced I won't know what's going on. And two, you bring your own booze,"

"I am gay, but...I can't buy alcohol. I'm only 19. I turn 20 in February,"

"Aww, damn. Alright, I'll share," I give him my address and phone number. "I'll see you tomorrow night, then,"


I walk out of the store cursing to myself. This completely random guy just broke the wall I worked so hard to put up.

I wake up the next morning and find I have a smile on my face. I blush as to why, despite the fact no one else lives in my apartment.

And it's then I realize it's noon, and therefore no longer the morning. I organize my movies and South Park series, then realize Jared and me will be watching them later tonight, and set them on the coffee table in front of the couch. I then take the vodka and brandy out of the freezer and set them on the counter. I open the fridge to get out the beer and other booze that was leftover from Christmas.

The phone rings, making me jump. Who the hell calls me?



"Who is this?"

"Aaron...Your step-brother,"

"You bastard." I say shortly.

"Yeah, I know...I never should've stopped talking to you because you were gay,"

"Woah, wait. Were? News flash, Aaron, I still am,"

"No, see, you got it all wrong. It was just a phase that everyone goes through,"

"Oh? Then how come you never went through it?" I ask, leaning against the counter. "How come you never admitted you were a cocksucking bastard? Hmm?"


"Aaron, come on, you know that's not a valid answer. Just admit you like to be 'f'ed in the on, Aaron...You know that every guy is somewhat gay anyway..."

"I'm bi, Peter,"

"You're such a fucking liar,"

"No, I swear to god, Peter, I'm bi. I...I know because...cuz I think you're beautiful,"

"I don't need to hear this. I've got a date for tonight,"

"What...What are you doing?"

"We're staying here and watching South Park and getting shitfaced, where I'll probably end up having sex with the kid, and then he'll sue me,"

"He's underage?"

"No, he's nineteen."

Then why did you say 'kid?'"

"Because he's two years younger than me,"

"Umm...Can I spend New Years with you?"

"Now, why would I let you do that?"

"Because I'm living on the streets cuz Mom and Dad kicked me out because I told them I'm bi,"

"It's called coming out, Aaron. You came out to your mother and father,"

"But they're your parents, too,"

"Do you think I really want to claim them? Not after that," I sigh, realizing that he beat me. I mean, the kids only...17, I have to be nice to him... "Alright, fine, get your ass over here...You do know where I live, right?"

"Yeah. An ex boyfriend of yours told me,"

"Bastard," I mutter. "Alright, be over here in two hours. Jared will already be here,"

"Alright. Thanks, Peter,"

"Yeah, whatever,"

I hang up and it's then I realize I'm way too soft.

The phone rings again. "Hello?"



"Oh, thank God. I thought it was the wrong number,"

A smile creeps onto my face. "Why would I give you the wrong number?"

"I don't know. Cuz you kinda came off as an asshole...Only a little...When do you want me over there?"

"Be here in half an hour, I still have to shower,"




I hang up the phone and run to shower.

20 minutes later, after my hair is dried and I've changed my clothes, someone knocks on the door.

"Hey, sorry you had to wait so long,," I say, finally looking at him.

He's wearing blue jeans and a black shirt that says Led Zepplin on it. His blue hair is spiked up into perfect one inch spikes, and he's got a small amount of eyeliner on.

He blushes as he finds I'm staring at him. "Hi,"

"Wow...You're....beautiful," his blush deepens and I let him into the apartment.

"I like your apartment,"

"Want a tour?"


"Living room, kitchen, extra bedroom, bedroom, bathroom," I say quickly, pointing to each room.

"Tiny, but it's cute,"

"Thanks," I say, pulling him onto the couch. "We can't start watching South Park yet,"


"We have to wait for my step-brother,"

"Why is he going to be here?"

"His parents kicked him out because he's bi,"

"But if he's your brother then aren't his parents yours too?"

"...I don't like to claim them. I don't think decent parents would kick their children out because they're gay,"


Someone knocks on the door. "Aaron's here. Mind getting off of me?"

"Oh, yeah, sorry," he blushes again.

I grin as he moves and go to open the door.

Aaron gives me a small smile, and I just stare at him. "Hey,"

I nod and let him in. He's deffinately changed since I last saw him.

I go to sit down with Jared again, but he pulls me off to the side.

"Peter, I'm...I'm sorry for what I did. I never should've blown you off when you came out to us,"

"Damn right you shouldn't've," I say.

"And I know it's wrong, and even though that the Bible says homosexuality is wrong-which I somewhat think is a load of bull-I'm willing to accept the fact that you're gay...And I'm bi,"

"That's great, Aaron. Can I get back to my date now?"

"..Am I in the clear?"

I give him a long look. "Oh, my God. You actually expect an apology is going to make me forgive you?" he nods and I sigh. "I'm not forgiving you--I'm putting up with you. I'm soft on the inside, it's one of my faults...I'm sorry. Get your ass in the living room,"

Aaron smiles at me as I push him into the living room. Jared smiles at me again before blushing, politely saying hello to my brother.

"Jared, this is my brother, Aaron...Aaron, this is my date, Jared,"

Jared blushes as I introduce him as my date, and shakes Aaron's hand.

"Nice to meet you,"

"Likewise...Do you have a brother by any chance?"

"No, sorry," Jared says. I settle down next to him after putting in a season of South Park and put an arm around his shoulder.

He shudders. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine...I'm just really nervous...I haven't been on a date since before I came out,"

"Ahh...I'll try to make it as comfortable as I possibly can," I move my hand from around his shoulders, take his hand with it, and kiss it. He blushes and I smile. "Dammit, I forgot the drinks...Hold on, I'll be right back," I stand and grab all of the booze before walking into the living room with it. I set it down on the coffee table and grab a glass before taking the vodka and pouring it in. Yes, yes, I drink vodka straight...I drink almost everything straight.

Jared looks at me, and I realize I'm the only one who can actually drink legally. I stand back up, lock the door, and shut off the lights before I ask Jared and Aaron if they want anything. Aaron automatically says he'll take the brandy, so I hand him the bottle.

"I...uh...don't...ah, the hell with it, my parents hate me now anyway...give me anything,"

I start the DVD and take Jared's hand again, he tenses up and takes a drink from his glass. I push the cup away from his lips and kiss them lightly, whispering, "I know we barely know each other, but...It just feels...right,"

I watch him swallow. "You're wrong," I take a deep breath and take my hand from his. "It doesn't feel right...It feels perfect,"

My heart thumps with happiness and I kiss him again.

"Happy New Year,"

"Happy New Year, Jared," I say softly. "You know something?"


"This is the best holiday I've had in three years. Thank you,"

"Thank you," Jared says, taking my hand back in his. "You make me feel like I'm a real person..."

I smile and kiss his hand before turning my attention back to the tiny characters of South Park.

Courtesy of South Park for the line 'f'ed in the a.'

Author's Note: I actually don't know where I got this idea...I think from watching New Years on South, wait, wait, South Park on New Years...There we go. But yeah, Happy New Year.

Sorry it's like February by the time I updated this...