Why do I have to be me?

Why must I lock the true me away?

Why can I not show or say what's wrong?

Why can't I be like the rest and be normal?

Why did I vow not to hurt myself?

When will I stop doing what I do?

When will I stop hiding?

When will I be able to talk?

When will I be comfortable with myself?

When will my life end?

Who will stop me from being me?

Who will show me how to find myself?

Who will show me things are gonna be okay?

Who will show me different is actually good?

Who will be the next one to hurt me?

What must I do to be me?

What do I have to do to show myself?

What will be the thing that I can do for comfort?

What will happen if I be different rather that trying to bled?

What did I do wrong to deserve all this?

Why am I me?

When will everything really be alright?

Who will be there to save me?

What do I do when I am about to fall away from life?