Sometimes I think that there's something pressing

it's got sharp corners and I'm bleeding, it's distressing

I'm almost certain that it's incased my soul

it ain't good for my claustrophobia, this black hole

it hurts a little all the time, but sometimes it just burns

the idea that I can't fight this law of diminishing returns

I think that I've finally overcome this futile dreaming

yet it'll still be years before my soul stops screaming

I can't seem to overcome this rapid suffocation

this lack of hope for divine salvation

it seems obvious that I'm just stuck

I seems I'm simply out of luck

she was right and that's the same as winning

in her eyes I am always sinning

and maybe that makes me just a little bit glad

it means I'm not like her, and that ain't so bad

I guess I kinda like that I can freak her out

but I still want to swear, I still want to shout

fuck, fuckā€¦fuck, fuck, fuck

damn it to god, I'm simply stuck

here forever, in this god-damned hell

and I can't seem to find the magic spell

to lead me out, to slow the toll

that this is placing on my tainted darkened soul.