Reach out and touch the sides of reality.
Some things you hate you cannot escape.
They'll always be there,
Disgusting, like evil swarming around me,
With locust wings.
Fingers clenching around the open air,
Hoping those things I hate will go away.
They simply seem to become dark blurs in my vision,
Moving too fast for me to comprehend.
I feel a surge of cold,
As an idle stain of a figure slips by me.
Hate and rage and fear and disgust.
All as an illness burning through me.
So I can take vengeance in blood, bruises and chaos.
Screams of their wretched, evil throats, echo in my mind.
I scratch at my skin,
Hoping to get the sound out.
This stupid endless circle.
If I were dead...
It would break.

And then my darkness would be thrown,
Night into the sky,
Leaving my body behind,
Pale and broken.
Frozen, in this desolate, forgotten forest,
Where evil things can lurk,
Dripping in the snow,
Like ink besmirching the page