Depth Beyond the Emptiness

and wouldn't you rather have so much more.
it makes me wonder what you had
at all
if this is what you choose instead.

they say that sin destroys wisdom;
perhaps that is it.
but i still don't understand.
you told me this was meaningless
and here you are again

and i know you know you were promised freedom
so why would you forsake it
for rusted chains with broken locks
that still seem to hold you?

you were the one that use to scream
and shout and dance and cry
because you were so free
and where are you now?

and the rest of you
if you only knew that there was so much more
so much beyond these games
and lies and efforts to fill the emptiness.

why won't you see it?
why can't you admit that you don't have it all together
that maybe you need help?
that this burden they call life is too heavy to carry alone.

can i walk with you?