Even If I'm Not Okay

I can't tell you when I'm hurt,

I can't say when something's wrong,

It's because of what I learned,

Listen to my theme song…

You said that when I'm sad,

For some reason you feel sad too,

So I decided I'd lock it up,

Because I don't want to sadden you…

I want to hear you voice for comfort,

My depression I'll hold in,

Because I can't stand to make you upset,

And doing so isn't a sin…

When you ask me what's wrong,

I'll hold back tears and say,

There's nothing wrong and I'm fine,

Even if I'm not okay,

It's because I know I can't,

Bring myself to do it,

I just can't do that to you,

The pieces just wouldn't fit…

Putting on a smile for you,

Tears poured into a glass cup,

I'll do anything for you,

It's just so hard to let go and open up,

As you try to sleep,

I'll sing you a lullaby,

I'll be your safety when you're scared,

Just close my eyes, don't let me cry,

I'll be your refuge in a time of need,

I won't break or be cast away,

I won't fall, bend, or crack,

Even if I'm not okay…