Wondering who cares,

No one believes her,

In this world no one shares,

The problems of today,

Lead to the death of the future,

Making short steps behind The Death of The Loved.

Time of crying,

Time of new fears,

Time of finding new love,

Looking for someone to mend the broken,

Many new trips to the hospital,

Don't forget the funeral home,

Remember the soldiers,

They're fighting for our freedom,

Her husband was in that cause,

He lost his life in that time,

She was proud of him though,

She was proud of the man she loved,

She was sad he didn't return but she was sure proud of him,

He has his spot in her heart,

Forever there it will be,

'Forever Gone...Forever you'.

In her case this meant that he maybe forever gone, but she'll be forever his. Kinda stupid i know.