Rebuild Your Walls Inside

'Yeah, okay,'

That's all I use to say,

What happened to that?

The wall around my heart,

Was made of steal,

The pain in your voice,

I could feel.

My barriers, my walls,

Every one of them falls,

Why do they do that?

I try to rebuild them,

But once I get one brick put back,

Another one falls down,

Until my walls split and crack.


Working always,

So much to do,

So little time,

That is so true,

So little time to rebuild what breaks,

And to feel what it takes,

Oh how to do that with so little time?

Mend the broken,

Try to restore,

The walls inside that were so well built,

Like they were before.


Everything passes away,

Why do we let them?


'Yeah, okay,'

Toss them away,

Why do that?

Why not,

Keep what you take,

Hold what you got,

For your own sake…?

Rebuild your walls,

Don't let them fall,


Rebuild them,

Rebuild them well,

Rebuild them strong,

Because they're not for sale…


Who cares?

Cast them away,

No one will know,

'Yeah, okay,'

If only they were in a store,

If only we could buy more,

You know?

One day,

You'll regret,

That your walls are broken,

And you won't forget,

You've had so many tries,

But there's nothing beyond your lies,

Why is that?


'Yeah, okay,'

We've done enough today,

Haven't we?

No, you must,

Rebuild your walls,

You can't can you?

Do you fear theircalls?

You haven't even tried,

You've given up and lied,

And you know what?

Without the walls you'll take harder hits,

It's all because you never tried,

To rebuild your walls,