Falling Into Darkness

Dreading sounds,

With the deadly scar,

And the pained tears,

You won't make it far.

Beyond your faults,

You opened the door,

But you give into the pain,

Which you fall before,

You beg, you plead,

You fall on your knees,

You search and search,

But you lost the keys,

You're held prisoner,

To its deathly cold,

You can't pierce the darkness,

Which will unfold.

The darkness reaches for you,

And you're dragged down once again,

You try and try,

But no, you can't depart from the sin.

The light stolen,

The door closed tight,

There's nothing left to do,

There is no light…

The tears won't stop,

The pain won't cease,

It's hard,

When the black will only increase,

Let go of your false hope,

The futile resistance,

You'd give anything,

For someone to acknowledge your existence...


Falling through,

Reliving the past,

Quite so true,


Of those you loved,

Washed away,

By the rain's flood…

Death's kiss,

You close your eyes,

You try to hide,

And wait for demise…

All of your memories,

You hold so dear,

All of your pain,

All so clear…