Maybe One Day...

She cried as she turned her stereo up,

All suddenly dawning on her,

Nothing would ever be the same,

Where are all the answers?

Tears clouded her eyes,

Like a soul eating cancer,

Her heart filled with regret,

As the music became louder,

Yelling could be heard from downstairs,

Her heart was breaking,

Why couldn't things be right?

Like years ago,

With a childish innocence,

When life doesn't turn against you,

Pushing everything downward,

When skies are always blue,

Storms of reality don't blow you away,

When the innocence is there to stay,

When things come crashing in,

It seems to blow her mind away,

She felt that nobody loved her anymore,

And she knew it to be true,

She wanted an embrace and for someone to say 'I Love You',

But things never turn out right,

When something begins to go wrong,

Everything comes in sight,

The madness is overwhelming for her to endure,

Everyone knows this for sure,

It's common for her to break down,

With absolutly no sound,

Next morning she'll go unfound,

Without any traces,

Will she be missed?

A perfect family is her fantasized dreams,

For when she would get home, showered in kisses it seems,

Nobody seems to know what it means,

To be depressed, neglected,hated, rejected,

She always told herself that she had broken dreams that would never come true,

Maybe one day things will turn okay right on cue.