He looks at them,

Then glances back at her,

She's an angel in his eyes,

They've all been betrayed,

They've all had better days,

They tell themselves that she won't last long,

But something goes terribly wrong,

For some reason,

She stays on his mind all the time,

He requests for her presence,

Even if she doesn't want to come,

The flares behind their eyes were visible,

She knew this,

She had lost all bliss long ago,

She paced around two and fro,

No one has ever sent her a nice comment,

Just glares and insults,

Pain and despair,

She hopes for an end to this,

Watching from the tower window,

All she sees is the carriages come and go,

Her freedom was stolen long ago,

Every Single Day,

She considered running away,

The freedom was hers to take,

And she was gettin it back.