Twenty-Six Aspirations

Part I:

Aspiring for Propriety

I. Anticipate

Deal with or use

Your bestowed beauty and catch me:

So did my feverish breathing proclaim

As we climbed the warm concrete

And walked upon the sable statues, their

Hands thrown up in annoyance

At impropriety

Before the proper time

II. Bevel

A tool for

Containing such aspiration as mine

Has not been discovered

(For necessity is the mother of invention)

And I have not yet found it necessary

To check my desire

And curb the impulse to trace your eyelashes


marking angles

III. Cerise


Another you have not divulged

Such secrets are not told among the

Thorns of the others we shared

Pricking our fingers purposely

Only to laugh at blood

of a light, clear red

IV. Disjoint

Take apart

The hinges of the train we took

Trying to escape dharma by facing it

(For you believe in common ownership

And none such as this

Where you owned me as others have)

With a mere glance

at the joints

V. Equator

An imaginary line around

Our lithe forms

Separates you and I

(For we are only hemispheres

Attracted through magnetism

And repelled by decorum)

I find solace in our closeness

While you retreat to the extreme poles of

The earth or other bodies

A.N.: The style is accredited to a book I read. The words and poem are all my own. I also strongly recommend this poem be read in order: meaning, part one, to two, etc. And that you read the entire poem, because each has a subtle link to the last.