Why do people take things so wrong?

They act like it's such a big deal,

They should just get a life and learn to grow up,

One certain person should learn to stop being a b,

It was just some fun,

Yet THEY seem to take it much differently,

Which it amazes me how small and fragile she was acting,

Hoping for someone's death was the highest extent,

BAH! That's a bunch a bull crap!

She never acted like this before,

No no, She was all happy and giddy,

AND POW! she decided to act like a baby,

Doesn't it sound annoying?

Indeed it was,

Maybe I'm overeacting but oh well,

She got hurt over one of the most stupidest things!

Which is profoundly senseless,

But I'm not going to say anymore,

Because that's just going to be wasting my time,

Just know that this is a hate note,

And I'll be just fine.