Some say that love conquers all,

If you believe that I suggest watch it before it breaks your heart and makes you fall,

When he sees someone else,

He'll drag you out of the house with or without a fight,

He'll leave you to freeze in chilling night,

No matter how many tears fall down your face,

He'll leave you their in your own disgrace,

Beat the door as much as you please,

It won't help as much as you believe,

The little shards of your broken heart burn,

Looking into the mirror,

You see broken shards of tears falling down your face

Some consider this an utter disgrace,

But someday everyone has their fall from grace,

When everything goes different than what planned,

Fate takes an unexpected twist and goes underhand,

Nobody knows what takes place,

Until it smacks you straight in the face,

Don't give it your all,

Unless you know he's right for you,

You don't want to fall,

It hurts too much to be true,

You want to keep your guard up,

Or else you're gonna get hurt,

All the tears can fill up a bloody cup,

Your heart bleeds, and it keeps on,

No one understands whats wrong,

Silence is their only answer,

A broken heart and a mended one is a line stretched so thin,

Everyone is lost within,

One day,

Will She Find True Love?