Every photograph reminds me,

Reminds me of how you broke me,

You even tried to choke me,

I have few things left to feel for,

The confusion has got me even more lost than before,

I'm suprised,

You never shoved me down on my face,

You never left me to sob in my own disgrace,

I was a part of your plan,

You kidnapped us all,

In dire want of a kingdom,

You want to feel that there's something left for you,

Someone to care for you,

I always look back at you and see that I never got everything I said right,

I said it out of anger,

Not truth,

I never meant to be cold to you,

I realized what pain I caused,

What realization I brought,

You let me visit my family,

In spite of all the times you were cruel to me,

I still loved you,

In some special way,

I always thought of you,

Because of you I learned to love,

I won't make the same mistakes as other before,

Ending up as your maids that are cleaning the corridor,

Hazel and I walk through the mansion everday,

Getting lost along the way,

Falling into the traps at the east corridor,

Wishing I didn't have to.

Curiousity overules,

When it never exceeds,

The danger of loving you.