Living in your happy world,

No problems there,

It's not like that here,

There's so many tears,

No one's going to catch you when you fall,

There's no black,

No comments of sarcasm to be exact,

You don't know what emo is?

How am I not surprised?

Take a blade,


Life's just like playing a game with dice,

With all of it's ghost like charms,

Terror echos in your mind,

Screams are all that you hear,

Your sight blinded by tears,

Somewhere deep in this cold heart,

An emptyness began to grow,

Why throw it all away?

Remember all that betrayed you,

Trying to beg for forgiveness,

Saying that they understand,

What about the family that loves you?

Don't slice,

Don't play with the dice,

It's not what you think,

It'll take your sanity to a brink,

All of it isn't worth it,

Don't take the risk,

Chances are brisk,

Everything suddenly feels colder,

Outlook on life changes,

At least that's what your so called friends say,

They'll dump you for someone else tomorrow,

Leaving you cold and broken hearted,

Life's no fun without a good scare,

The excitment overthrows you,

Just like living in a horror movie,

When everything goes wrong,

Nobody knows how to sing my song,

It's too complex for they're little minds,

It's far too long,

That's not the case you see,

You say it's alright,

I don't believe you,

What caused her to take that knife?

We don't hate her,

Why did you forsake her?

She didn't deserve this,

I could have saved her,

Blissful infinity,

Cherry blossoms in the summer,

The dice is rolling,

What'll you take?

What are the risks you will take?

Curiousity may not be the good idea in this case,

Your friends,

They're going to leave you in disgrace,

They don't understand,

No one can,

My little secret,

No one has to know,

What's wrong with me?

Who knows,

Don't follow my example,

It'll take you over the deep end,

Don't break their hearts,

It's the wrong path,

I should have been able to tell from the start,

I'm captivated with this particular sorrow,

It's a crazed addiction,

Trust me,

This isn't a fiction,

Everything doesn't turn out alright in the end,

Not like the movies,

Why did you break my barrier?

It's my only shelter,

No one can reach me there,

No insults,

No fighting,

No cutting,

No biting,

That's what your happy world is,

But you've come to realize that my and your world is so different,

Oh what I would give to