You think you're better

You think you're better,

I've got something else for you,

I wrote you letters,

I thought we had a friendship,

I was so very wrong,

Everyone else so works much harder,

You and your rich family,

You don't know what it's like,

Trying to put up a fight,

You and your posse,

You make me sick,

I have to put up with your stupid foul tricks,

I wish I could slam your face,

That'd teach you not to leave other people in disgrace,

I know you've had hard times,

But guess what?,

We have to,

They told me not to let you get the best of me,

But you drain my energy out of me,

I tried so hard to be your friend,

You ended failing me in the end,

You think you're better,

But I'm afraid I have to say you are very wrong,

You think insulting drains the pain away,

We tried to tell you it brings it all back,

Turning everything you've earned into trash,

We told you to move on from the past,

You were too persistant to take our advice,

That left you with a bunch of suck-ups for friends,

They'll leave you behind when they hear about someone richer,

When they suck up to that person,

They call you names that you never even considered,

Leaving you empty and alone,

People will walk up and say to you,

"We told you so.",

I tried to grab your hand before,

You pulled away from me and dropped deeper,

The more you ignored,

The deeper you fell,

A burning heck awaited you at the bottom,

No one to help you there,

They just left you with your own despair,

Knowing that you failed,

You thought that you still had our trust,

You reached your hand up,

Hoping that someone would help you stand,

I was kind enough to give you second chance,

When I helped you back up,

You left me behind without a glance,

I decided this time I'd let you fall,

And realize that you lost it all,

No helping hand,

No one to understand,

No one that missed you so,

No one to talk to anymore,

The farther you swam to land,

They awaited you decieving your kind heart,

You swam farther from our helping hands,

Departing us for someone you thought was better,

Trying to pull yourself together,

You just ended up sinking in the sand,

No one to help you again,

I tried to help you,

But you failed me over and over again,

You still thought you had a chance,

You reached your hand up,

But I turned away,

Just like you had done to me so many times before.