Tainted Dreams

Tears dropping to the floor,

Silent screams echoing the room,

Blood smeared on the mirror,

A girl trying to get through,

Chains binding her down,

Soon to be awarded her crown,

Her prince loves her,

But she does not love him,

The dreams were now tainted,

Having no freedom within,

Cold air blows through,

A chilling feel added to the room,

Sitting alone,

She sobs about everything that has happened,

Her ghostly skin shimmers in the moonlight,

A lonely feeling overthrows her heart,

Making her kindness fade into the dark,

Trees brush against her window pane,

Making an eerie sound,

She lays huddled in her bed,

Listening to the hushing sound,

The calmness of the night drives her to sleep,

Her dreams become more tainted than they already were,

......Tainted Dreams.....

She stares at the ceiling,

Watching the shadows dance,

The Moonlight shines on her broken mirror,

Her reflection is now much clearer,

Pale skin sticks out of the shadows,

Emerald eyes glow in the night,

Black hair shimmers in the moonlight,

The door clicks,

All hope is lost,

Her dreams came true,

The window was closed,

Then the screams arose,

Her fist was covered with blood,

Her face covered with tears,

She thought of all the years the mirror tried to define her,

The happiness her freedom brought,

The sun in her window,

Everyone at her home,

The mirror defined her then,

It showed the monster within,

The person she really was,

Her hands covered with all that blood,

The tears dropped to the floor,

The memory she had,

She wanted it no more,

She wanted to be perfect again,

With all her family and friends,

She wanted out of this grey prison,

The vortex of her despair,

The memory of all the crying,

With no one there,

No loving arms to wrap around her,

No hero to save her from this torture,

No home to go to,

No one to talk to,

Cold hard barriers that lock her in,

Grey chains that hold her down,

Hard bolts that lock her door,

Closing her escape to anymore than this,

She wanted the bliss of spring,

The chilling of the snow in her hands,

Being outside in the summer,

She was decieved,

She was lied to,

She hated all this,

She was getting out of this,

And she was leaving SOON.