Those words

Did those words really come from me?

Those harsh and hurtful things

Did I really say them

Was I really awake or was it a dream?


I am awake

I was awake

I said things I did not mean

And now those words are coming back to get me

Will I ever be forgiven?

I can only hope

I can only hope that things will be okay,

That those words may only be forgotten.

I am arrogant


Self centered

I say and do things I do not mean

And those things come back to haunt me

Just a few minutes after

And the things I said

Those mean and nasty words

Are coming back to get me

I am told that it's okay

But that darn Lucifer

Darn him

He keeps bringing back my past

That past that I hate most

The past that rips me apart

He keeps showing me images that kill my soul

And he tries and tries to take me away from Jesus

Sometimes his plans even take over me

And I can't help but give in

But son by others words I am brought back

And all is right again

Why must I say things that over take others?

Over take the ones I care about

why is it that those words keep coming back to me?

Forgive me God

Forgive me friend

I am sorry beyond belief

Forgive me for my sins

Forgive me for the pain I brought you

Forgive me for those words

I didn't mean I single one of them

I am sorry

Forgive me please