Dear Lucifer,

I hate you

Go away


Stop bringing me things I do not need

Stop bringing me down

You know my battle cry

And I know it scares you

I know you're terrified when I think it

So I'll scream it


Ha ha what are you going to do now?

Try to bring me down with my past?

Not any more

You know why?

Cause I love God

Yes I do

I love Jesus with all my heart

There is nothing that you can do to change that

Cause I've got God and his warriors on my side

His warriors will help me fight you away

When they know your there

And when they don't

Cause they too have a battle cry, and that scares you

I know that every time you hear a cry

You quiver

Because you know that, that person who sends out that cry loves God

And you hate that

But guess what I love God

And I hate you

And I'm not going to fall into any of your traps again

I used to fall into everyone

Just as you had hoped

But now that's all over

When you try to being me down

With myself,

My family,

My friends,

My past,

My life,

And anything else you can imagine

I will ignore

And I will scream my battle cry

Until you leave me alone

If it takes seconds, minutes, hours, even days

I will ignore you

And I will follow

My father, my king, my God

The one person you fear most

I have realized tonight

That you are afraid of almost everything

Me, other warriors, positive happenings, and God

Life revolves around God and his warriors

And we warriors will bring you down.

You no longer scare me

You no longer have control over me

You no longer have me under you grasp

You no longer have to try to get me

Because I have raise my sword

And it will NEVER fall

Never again will you taunt me

Never again will you tempt me

Never again will I listen to you

And again I scream


Just give up on trying to get me

Because you shall never win


A follower of Jesus