The pressure is on almost every day,

Especially this time of year.

Annoyed yet intrigued by the things that they say,

This is usually what I hear:

"Hey, I just wanted to ask you, per chance,

If you happened to have a girlfriend.

If not, you could ask someone out to the dance;

That's certainly quite the trend."

And I say, "Hold on! Let me get something straight!

I don't even know this girl!

You want me to suddenly ask for a date?

That notion might make me hurl."

Sometimes I want it; I've sure been attracted,

But is that really what I need?

I know I can easily be distracted

From God, if I do not take heed.

I've got all my life to find who I'll marry,

Most likely not in high school.

And while, for the world, love tends to vary,

I'll choose to stick with what's cool.

I don't really want that, and you might think it odd,

But I really don't need this relation.

Why pick up a date when I'm friends with God,

The Lord of all creation?