V. The Conclusion

Natropo had loved the money McCoffrey had been sending them, proud of their choice. The head director was therefore horrified to know that McCoffrey had died, that Jonnah was dead, and a Glemsdale citizen was dead. Their bodies had been found in a tunnel. The villagers had destroyed the factory, burning it after a fare-thee-well ceremony. However, the villagers had saved McCoffrey's journal (which boasted of his deeds without remorse), and Jonnah's old handbook that was supposed to have been destroyed as soon as he had graduated from management training (also nicknamed the Evil Manager's Handbook For Production Also Featuring Death And Destruction, the course itself was nicknamed How To Be A Natropo Bastard).

The law, finally getting proof of what a corrupt organization Natropo was running, shut the business down permanently. The townspeople erected a monument of Jonnah riding a horse with it's front hoofs raised, a warrior who died in battle. They also made a smaller one, showing Jonnah with his family. They used the government's hush money to purify the river once again. Their crops had been pitiful as it became polluted.