Your Words Mean Nothing

Say what you want,

Because I no longer care,

I won't try to help you,

In fact, I won't be there,

Don't take your anger out on me,

I feel like I'm falling forever,

Don't just come and yell at me,

Makes it harder to hold myself together…

I wanted to help you,

But you didn't care what I said,

Well you're words are meaningless,

And bleed into a deep red.

Pictures replay over and over,

Soon fade into black and white,

But help ease my mind to sleep,

After you and I go on and fight.

You're being stupid and childish,

You make me wonder what I'm fighting for,

Why you drive my patience low,

And I feel like I'm not falling anymore,

I've fallen so low, so far,

I finally hit the very ground,

I focus off of you for a moment,

And snap back into what's all around,

So I try to ignore your comments,

I just shrug off everything that you say,

Because I won't let it take effect on me,

Instead I'lljustwalk away…