Finally Realizing

The people who I thought cared about me,

I now realize, were my closest enemy.

I was weak minded and foolish as a little child of delight,

I thought their comments were truthful and actually quite polite.

But they were trying to hurt me with their wise and painful remarks,

Little did I know their words left upon me unforgotten scars and marks.

As I think back and remember all those unbearable moments and times,

I gradually learned over the years that what they did were spiteful crimes.

Now I'm much more aware when I'm being treated like scum,

I know I need to be respected more; I'm not just some lousy bum.

Those cruel people still haunt me in my dreams,

I can still hear their laughter and most wickedest screams.

And when I hear their monstrous laughs, I know it's not okay,

I understand it's all a stupid game that in their heads they play.

But one of these days, in that game, I'm going to sincerely win,

And once I do, they'll slowly watch my frown turn to a grin.