Did I cry when I called out your name in the middle of the night?
Did I lie when I promised you that everything was alright?
I've got my secrets and you're my favorite
trapped inside these pages.
You may never know the truth.
I try so hard but I can't stop thinking of you.

And these walls crumble down on me.
I know what I need but what I'll never receive.
Two hearts for the price of one!
The headline has been ripped to shreds
and I'm losing hope, this may never have an end.

Lonely minds forever...
could we be together?
The tears that stain my pillow could be worth it.
If I could live forever
I'd break my heart and never
learn to live at all.

And I know that you know me, that you could trust me,
promises I'll never break.
But if you hold me, I won't be lonely
and the world won't seem so cold.

But it's not up to me to choose
whether I could be with you
so I just may be doomed to lose.