Through My Eyes


Death of beloved

"Mommy!" Tea screamed as Mirokium lay on the ground in a pool of red. "Mommy get up!"

"Tea...Baby..." She whispered.

Seven year old Libion ran up beside his younger sister and looked at his mother. "Mother...?" He whispered confused. He knew what was happening, but he didn't want it to be true. "Mother, you're going to be alright aren't you?...."

She only shook her head, "no baby....No I'm not.." Libion's heart wrenched as his little sister leaned down closer to thier mother.

"Mommy? Why not? Are you sick?"

Mirokium smiled up at her children, her two, beautiful children. Libion, her oldest. Standing strong for his sister. He was going to be a great man some day. He looked down at her sorrowfully, knowing what was happening, but not shedding a tear. And Tea, golden curles flying in the wind, her beautiful grey eyes staring down at her mother, confused.

"Yes, sweety, in a way....I am sick." She reached up and touched her daughters face, the smooth skin was distorted by the numbness in her hands. She layed the useless limb to the ground and searched for Togosai.

"Mirokium!" Her husband called to her. She looked up to him, he had tears in his eyes. She had never seen her beloved cry. He was always so strong, even when things got too hard. She wanted to reach up and comfort him, but she could no longer move her arms. He had slayen the demon who had done this to her, and his sward was stained with crimson. He dropped it to the ground and kneeled beside her and thier children, grasping her hand in his.

Her vision had become blurry, and her husbands face, chisled with worry became distorted. She would go soon, but first she had to say goodbye.


"Shh.." He hushed her like a small child, "Don't talk." She felt him lift her into his lap and hold her to his chest.

She pressed her face into his coat and smiled. "I love you Togosai....Take care of my babies..." The tears in his eyes spilled out in dropplets of red, it had been a long time since he had cried. She had never said that to him. They had been married for almost nine years, and never once had she said that to him. They had just always known the love for each other, they had never needed to say the words.

Her breathe became raspy and slowly died away, he stood up, carrying her limp body. This was all beacaus of him. Beacaus he had been caught in human world with Mirokium's friends. He should have never gone.

The children followed him to the springs behind thier house. There, under a large oak. Her favorite place to sit and watch everything around her, he buried her. He wanted to have a proper ceremony, but no one could know where this place was, or they would kill him and his children. So all he could do was pray that her soul traveled to the afterlife without loosing it's way.

Chapter 1

My Story

I stood silently at my mother's grave, as I had every day since she died thirteen years ago. I am now sixteen years old. Grass has grown over the earth mound, that was my mother's grave. My father, since her death has lived his life in the bottle, and my brother has grown like a father to me, since my father is never around anymore. Libion has also grown quite protective of me. He won't let me out of sight. I think he's worried the bounty hunters will go after me next. There is one place, however he'll let me go. To my friend Ensly's house. Her mother, Kasha, was a good freind of mine, and her home is where my father was found when he was charged with treason. The reason my mother had died, and the reason my family had to live in solitude. Kasha's husband is human, so they live in the human's world. Ensley, therefore is a half demon hybrid.

I have been invited many times to Ensly's home to stay and loving that I finally have a place where I don't have to worry about being killed. Libion has a fit when I go to the human world beacaus he belives that my family could get into worse trouble from me hanging around with a 'halfy'. I think there's something more to his concern. See, Ensly has a cousin named Boein . He is half wolf demon hybrid and my brother just can't bring himself to trust a 'mutt'. Boein lives with his Aunt and uncleEnsly's parents beacause his parents are in the military and have been called out so whenever I go there I'm around him. Ensly is really the one Libion should be worryed about. She is a small fiery girl who drinks and parties like there's no tomorrow with short black hair with blood-red highlites to compliment her gray, mischeivious eyes.

Well one evening, I was invited over to Ensly's house to meet all the family and friends. The cause for celebration, Ensly told me was that Haiku and Jace, Boein's parents, were coming home for a short visit before they were assigned to station in Haiti, a small country just south of the Americas. Haiku was a small human woman only about Five three, but the demond Jace standing about six foot seven stood towering above all in the room who all didn't even break six foot. I was very intimidated when Jace walked in and made sure to keep my distance. Boin who rarely ever even cracked a grin smiled brodely as he walked in and ran over as if he were a small child and hugged his father. then after about two minutes in the room Jace was bombarded by Ensly's little brother Tyson who had found his way through the room to his uncle.

''you're home!'' Tyson screamed at the top of his voice as he jumped on Jace almost knocking him over.

Jace pretending to have hard time catching him exclaimed'' WOW you've gotten big and strong look at those muscles woah!''

'Yep my mommy and daddy been training me.'' he stated with an affirmitive tone.

''Say where is your mom. Could you take me to her?''


Tyson led him to his sister, a tiny woman with a small waste and a homely smile;but I knew her. She was Ensly's mother,as well as Tyson's. After a while Boin approched his father.

'' when are you and Mom coming home''

'' We are home Boin''

'' For good though''

'' Idon't know but I hope very soon''

'' Dad you haven't been here for two years I mean come on''

'' LOOK Boin I've been here for a lot longer than.....''

'' Stop don't even bring him into this if you didn't want to be a part of my life then you didn't have to be!'' Boin then stomped out obviously angry with Jace's response to his question.

I was confused. Who was the man they were talking about. I was curious,but I shrugged it off. Whatever it was it was none of my buisness.

I went home later that night. Making sure to stay int the shadows I crept along street until I came to a large hill.I ran over it as fast as I could eager to get home and out of the constant I danger I was in when ever I was alone. As I entered the gait to the demond world Something jumped out at me and I felt claws.....Horrably sharp claws rip into my back. I fell to the ground dazed by pain. I looked over my shoulder only to see a lepard demond. He had menacing green eyes and large sharp bloodstained clawes. He flew at me again I was a gonner but suddenly I lost all controle. I felt energy and power I had never felt before. For a moment I felt so powerful and in that same moment I felt a sharp pain go through my veins. There seemed to be something in me whispering

''let me out.....Let me go''........So I did and from that moment I can remember nothing.

'' Tea.........Tea''

I opened my eyes my father was leaning over me.

''Dad w...what are you doing here?''

''Shhhh'' he cooed as though I were a small child crying'' You took quite a hit last night didn't you......boy......That lepard was certainely dead but that fight must have taken all your energy away you were passed out when he found you''

''who found me dad ''

Libion walked out from the corner he was standing in'' That mutt Boin that's who. I wouldn't be surprised if he had wanted to kill you himself !''

'' Libion'' my father boomed '' Is that any way to speak about the man who found your sister..That demond ripped into her spine...She was almost dead..and if he had wanted to kill her he certainly would have.''

'' That's OK Miram your son isn't the only one who hates me for being a halfbred'' Boin entered the room,his blue eyes seeming to pierce through my brother.

'' What are you doing here you halfling sack of dirt'' screamed Libion at the top of his voice.

'' Ensly wanted to come see Tea so I gave her a ride'' He easily remained calm despite my brother's insults.

For the first time I let my eyes focus. I was in a hospital room with a dozen monitors hooked up to me I gazed around not daring to move.Libion and Boin where in a staredown. My brother looked angry. He was probly jealous that a halfling found me and not him.....Libion was just that way. Boin was on the other hand calm and cool. His blue eyes peircing my brothers grey ones. He neither smiled or frowned...just stared...

Boin looked away for only a moment and that was all my brother needed.... he lunged at Boin slicing his arm with the claws he had inherited from my I saw Boin drop to the ground.I foolishly shot upright ripping the needle in my arm out. this came with I found out horrible pain.

''Boin'' I screamed he was rolling on the ground holding his shoulder where my brother had cut.Libion was still kicking him and screaming. my father was also yelling but for Libion to stop.I jumped out of bed pulling the heart monitors from my chest.''Libion stop it'' I screamed tackling him from the side knocking him to the ground.

within an instant he was back up staring at me...''where do your loyalties lie sister....In some idiot mutt?! ''

'' More than in you.And you are the idiot you egotistic jerk''

He gave me a glare that seeing my brother..The man I had looked up to since I was old enough to know who he was give me that look sent countless bulles of guilt through me. He then stomped out,muttering words I couldn't make out. And I wasn't sure I wanted to know either.

I was exausted.My back hurt,my legs hurt,my head hurt....I hurt all over.I lay in bed as my father helped Boin to his feet

Ensly ran in the room''Boin are you OK I saw Libion walk out of the room....And he was mad... really mad...'' more bullets shot up my spine. I felt like I had done something terrable. She looked around the room and her eyes rested on Boins arm ''what happened?''she asked.

My father ex-haled a breath I assumed he had been holding for quite some time.'' Libion thrashed him'' he said sounding disappointed and angry.