Dark Guardians


"Uhhngg, this place is filthy."

The two were standing in front of the steel door marked: trespasser will be shot on sight. It was raining. Hard.

Murray under the honing flicked his cigarette into a puddle. "Oh Giovanni stop complaining all the time, if you weren't my brother I'd waste you right now, I swear right now."

"Murray, come on let me under to honing."

"No you know I need to keep the merchandise dry." Murray held up a black leather suitcase.

There was a loud bang against the inside of the door.

"Name your business."

"My, employer wishes to speak with Mr. Saber."

There was a long pause. Then the heavy door swung open and a middle aged man walked out accompanied by two armed guards.

"Do you have the required …fee."

Murray opened the case, "2 million, as my employer specified earlier, Mr. Saber, money is no object." He closed the case and handed it to a armed guard.

"Right this way Mr. Saber," said Giovanni leading Mr. Saber toward and iddling black Rolls Royce.

Mr. Saber climbed in to the back. Next to him sat a man a few years younger than him, with fiery red hair and soul piercing blue eyes drinking a glass of Scotch.

Mr. Saber glanced around nervously. The man sitting next to him smiled. Fear.

"Ah, Mr. Dirges Saber, your far to nervous, please take a cigar." The man withdrew a cigar from his Armani suit and cut of the butt with soild gold cigar sheers.

Mr. Saber hesitantly placed the cigar in his mouth.

"Don't you smoke Mr. Nomed."

"Oh no, a disgusting habit."

Mr. Saber gave a hesitant laugh, "Light?"

Nomed put his thumb on the end of the cigar. In seconds it glowed an eerie red.

Mr. Saber froze in primal fear. Nomed leaned close, the air in the car became noticeably stuffier.

"Now, Mr. Saber enough pleasantries, lets talk…business." Nomed smiled.

Special Ones Orphanage 66 miles south of Trenton, New Jersey.

A storm was coming. Ty sat on the railing of his balcony looking out at the ensuing black clouds.

"It's going to rain, the Salowski twins will be caught in it." said James Orwell, a pale precog. next to him.

James was about the only person who would talk to Ty openly. Everyone there was scared to death of him. Ever since he arrived he has been shunned.

All of the kids are transgenitic. A rare mutation of both the x and y chromosome. It is classified as a disease because of its nature but is rarely fatal. The most obvious effect is that it changes the molecular structure of a human. These changes often give humans strange abilities. That can range from fantastic abilities like super strength to minor abnormally like invincible bones.

These effects usually are obvious right away, but in Ty's case he still, at 15 didn't know what he could do. All he knew is that it had to be disturbing.

So far all he had done was, when he was 6 he became intangible and sink through his 2nd floor room into his grandmother's room.

When he was 8 he accidentally possessed a social worker for his grandmother for 3 hours and separated unconsciously.

But, what the in house physiatrist says was the beginning of his troubles, was when his grandmother had died. When he was at the grave side they said that his eyes glowed hot white. All he saw was how the solid world around him became a transparent blue. A red river like cloud connecting white pools of glowing liquid. Little streams of the white liquid seeped up into the sky. All the people say the thing he kept screaming was: the soles.

The men in the white coats told him he suffered a severe psychotic breakdown turning his hair a ghostly white.

It began to rain and the twins began to cry and run inside the house.

"Tyson! time for bed." called Miss. Cramer, the house keeper.

Ty got off the railing and walked inside the house. A girl, Ty's age wallked up to him.

"I saw you on the rail for hours just looking out, so I picked these for you, in my culture they bring you good luck and peace of mind." She gave him a large blue and red flower. Her name was Shikia and she is a half Cherokee with the power to emit force blasts.

When he touched her hand when taking the flower flashes of images and sounds of screams and a gun shot.

Ty screamed and fell back on his bed.

Shikia knelt by him," what is it?"

"I-I don't know."

She leaned over and kissed him on the forehead.

"You have a good heart, but you do not trust your sole…good night Tyson."

"Please, it's Ty."

She smiled.

Coretech Inc. Tower

58th floor, Private Flat #4

4:38 am

Mr. Nomed walked briskly into the room followed by Murray and Giovanni.

"Leave me you two, I need to meet with Serpentine."

"Right boss," Murray grabbed Giovanni and lead him out of the room.

Mr. Nomed rushed into his private study. There was a man in a large black clock by a desk ready several large old books.

"What have you found."



"There are unsettling abnormities in the flow of chance. A strange anomaly has surfaced, possibly to counter your actions this evening. My recommendation is to eradicate the anomaly immediately."

"Who are we looking for?"

A hand riddled with stitches pulled a corck from a tube and poured a purplish liquid on a yellow sheet of parchment. A black and white image burned across the parchment. It was Ty.

Nomed took the paper, "alright, thank you Serpentine, I will look into it."

"I know you will."

Nomed left and sat behind his long fiery red desk.

He pressed a button on a consul, "Send in Murray and Giovanni."

The two lackeys skulked in.

"Yes, Mr. Nomed."

"I want you to find this boy," he held out the paper, "I don't care how you find him, Just do it. Then once you have him, eradicate him."

"Yes sir."

The two left. Nomed turned around in his swivel chair so he faced New York City out his 125x150ft. window.

He smiled, "All mine."