Dark Beyond The Suns

The comforting red light of Re fell on Mikhail's back as he returned from his daily work with the Disciples of Kalash. The pale skinned man always wore his multicolored cloak with a hood. After all, it would be a mistake if any commoners passing him by would mistake him for a common Euro. To further drive home his status was a sacred symbol of his faith, the A19, slung from his shoulders. The slug-throwing, gas-operated auto-rifle was literally an ancient technology, existing since before humanity had left Lost Zion.

Mikhail took a gaze out at the buildings around him. Many were old ceramsteel tenements, some practical remnants from the Combine Era. The middle class of Inverem City resided in them, normally craft workers of the Master Race, but sometimes, the odd Asio or Euro could be found dwelling there.

Mikhail was grateful for the hand fate had dwelt him. He would have probably been destined to remain a common Euro worker in a noble's house, toiling for life, and thrown into a ditch at death. However, the noble had noticed Mikhail's penchant for things mechanical, and had him recommended to the local monastery of the Disciples.

He had taken to the Disciples' work like a duck to water. He was designing new weapon layouts, and had even found a way to manufacture the A19 much more efficiently. Queen Nandi had been so impressed with his work, Mikhail was given the rank of "honorary Master Race." This meant he would be given a spouse of good breeding, rather than be forced to remain a second-class citizen. Euros and Asios could improve their status through deeds, though few actually made it.

For those that did, a luxurious life awaited. Mikhail had been given the robes and position of a full-fledged Disciple, and given the opportunity to marry into a noble family. He had met a dark skinned beauty named Hasina, and the two were married shortly thereafter.

Mikhail, however, knew in a few generations, his Euro bloodline would be fully assimilated into the nobility. Such was the emphasis on the Master Race's breeding program: To create a race through the breeding of the most brilliant minds, most loyal soldiers, and hardest workers. The Queen and her dynasty were no fools. They knew how to avoid most of history's normal traps.

For instance, the Combine Era was marked by a lack of centralized government, with countless bureaucracies vying for supremacy. The Master Race had seceded from the Combine just in time to avoid getting pulled down by it. Only less than two centuries ago, the Combine had gone silent. For countless centuries, the world of Horus with his moon Isis, plus scattered colonies around Anubis, Set, and Thoth had sustained the Master Race.

Soon, though, that would not be enough. Re was a dying red giant, and soon to succumb to the Dark Beyond The Systems. In order to prevent the Master Race from going extinct, new worlds would have to be dominated. The Combine left a dozen systems infested with its taint, before they had retreated into a black hole of their own construction.

The Queen had recently received a divine vision. A God, trapped near the center of the galaxy, had requested help against the Dark Beyond The Suns. Re, like many other worlds, would be consumed by the Darkness soon. New worlds would have to be conquered anyway. Now, they would be conquered in this new God's name. This God called itself the Dreamer, and how the Queen communed with it was unknown to most.

There would be expansion soon, Mikhail could feel it. The Dark Beyond The Suns would not consume civilization. Mikhail was glad he had done his part for the Master Race. The human race was comprised of many individuals. But the Master Race was only those chosen by the Gods. And in the names of both Queen Nandi and the Dreamer, the Master Race would rule over their genetic inferiors.