This is my life

Shatter glasses lay beneath the broken window

Imperfection is what you see

My faults are of my own

They are as they are

You must see to accept them

But all you see if red, bloody red

Screams of horror roar through my head

Tatter remains is all I hope yet to see

But your presence is still before me

Haunting my every being

I look for an escape

From this dread place, of my own very shattered existence

Just like a bird, I am trap in your cage

With you, controlling me like a puppet, a toy of your enjoyment

To play with me as you please

To feel pleasure, when pain is graced upon my face

To wake up to this world

Is worse than hell itself

I cry for help but no sound is heard

Seems nothing will save me from this so-called loving home

And the truth that lies beneath is frightful, horrors

That will forever haunt my very soul

For this is my life