Love's a Sad Lament

Love, really it's nothing more than a word. It's not the word that we cling so dearly to, but the emotion that it names, the feeling. So really this very complicated yet simple thing has been reduced to a simple stupid four letter word, just the same as evil, cute, ugly, good, pain, like, and hate.

Funny that it's the big things we feel that are given such small names.

Is there a name for the acute pain stabbing at my heart? The grief and utter urgency I feel tearing my inner-self into mere tendrils. Is this pain love as well?

Standing there in the dull sterile room alive with the simple hums of the computers and the fluorescent lights burning above my head I tried to hold back the urge to turn around a leave that place, forever if I so desired. But no, I could not leave, not until my decision was made, not until I was done.

My body trembled as my grip around the crow bar grew tighter. I should destroy it…it…her…no it. Or is it her?

The android that looked so much like her practically was her. Looking at her blank face my heart wrenched in the careless pains of fresh mourning. That darling heart shaped face that owned one of those amazing one-in-a-million smiles.

But how could I truly mourn her death when about ¾ of her body lay on the operating table before me? Was it proper to mourn when science and the facts told me that technically she was still alive?

It's no wonder he did this, the facts were too good to just leave her in the hands of death, the death he had ignorantly caused thanks to their foolish pride.

I ignored the crystalline tears rolling from my already red rimmed eyes for my memories from what I said barely an hour before on this awful night haunted my heart.

'Tell me, Trust, does it really mean this much to you?'

The jail cell was large, larger than it needed to be for just one man to sit handcuffed in a chair in utter solitude. But there he sat with his dark hair falling over to curtain his eyes from my view, though I knew even before I saw them that they would look crazed and exhausted. Exhausted from his trails the night before, exhausted from what occurred afterwards, and crazed for what he had tried to do.

His lips were moving rapidly as he spoke aloud to himself. That action didn't surprise me either, whenever he was pressed and working hard he would always start saying his private thoughts aloud.

'Maybe…maybe if I had a little more time; I could fix her, I know I can, all of my theories have proven true, it's possible to incorporate her body with a shell. It's no different than giving her a prosthetic leg or an arm.' He was muttering quickly analyzing and rethinking, no doubt the guards took this on as insanity, the babbling of a mad man.

Ha, they didn't know him like I did…like she did.

'Is the damn Clinheart/Shell Project all you can think about? Is it worth your freedom, your life inside and outside of the institute? It has already cost you Fanny's.' I had said to him in my utter anger and in my grief for the sudden loss of our dear Fannel.

At the mention of her name Trust looked up at me, as I had though his eyes were red with exhaustion and sagging from lack of sleep. 'Fannel. Did they destroy her?' He questioned looking up at me as though I could bring him good news and hope.

I sighed deeply turning away from the deep brown eyes I once took such joy gazing into with the love of a romantic fool. For I knew what he was talking about, the android shell, the very shell he was working on when the authorities found him not long after reports of an accident in his lab. The Shell that looked like Fanny.

'No, not yet. They're keeping her in one of the mechanoid work labs.'

My mechanoid work lab to be exact; though practically all of them were mines, I am the top 'mechanic' of the institute after all.

His crazed eyes turned away from me to stare once again at his hands, 'Then I can still fix her. Yes, you can get her for me can't you? You have access to all of the labs. Once I'm free I can go back to fixing her.'

As I stood there before his chair listening to his hopeful plans I knew would not work and deep down so did he; I knew then that it really did mean that much to him.

It…her…she…Fannel meant everything to him.

And knowing this broke my heart, for that meant he would never feel anything remotely as strong as that for me. My dreams of marrying him in the chapel filled with friends and family, and decorated with flowers was only a silly girl's dream. A dream I should have long ago disposed of the moment I stepped foot in the institute.

For what good would an obsessed miserable husband be onto me?

My mind was made up. I knew what I would do, and it was painfully selfish of me.

I wedged the crowbar in between the locked doors of the supply room, prying it open with slight difficulty. It took me three good tries before the doors gave under the pressure and the locks squealed as it could do nothing to hold against my might. It might have been easier if I was able to use my key, but the emergency lockdown prevented me from going the easy way not to mention Trust had stolen my keys which were now locked away as evidence.

I did not notice that my hand had slipped and slid across the bar's end cutting into the skin of my palm causing it to bleed somewhat heavily. All that mattered was that all the tools I would need were now at my disposal.

Taking the first tray of screws, infusers, parts and limbs and sheets of metal and synthetic skin I made my way back to the working table I had used hundreds of times before on numerous machines and androids, but this time it was different, this time it wasn't just some machine.

"Fanny." I whispered stroking her cold cheek before taking my seat on the stool and getting ready for a long night's work she and the constant beep of the life monitor my only company.

Could it really have been only three days ago that Fannel, Trust, and I were enjoying our weekend off by sharing a tasty chocolate malt in the Brookes Cafe about six blocks away from the Eursk Science Institution, our place of work and study and for the next few years our lives?

"I still don't know about the whole Shell Project." I had stated taking a spoonful of the creamy topping sprinkled with shaved chocolate.

Fanny giggled licking off her spoon before pointing her pencil, which had been moments before sketching a no doubtingly embarrassing picture for her to laugh at later. "Ironic that you are the best mechanic in the entire school yet you don't even like your assignments, I can't believe you would rather work on simple toys and those foolish bio-mechinoids than be the leading mind behind the Eursk's Shell project. I haven't stopped hearing from everyone how they feel they were cheated out of that position. I know a lot of them would kill to work under the great Trust Seagate. Right, big brother?"

Trust grinned at Fanny reaching over to wipe off a bit of the chocolate that had dribbled down her chin. "Correct. Though I wonder what has you so unsure about with this project. The Shell project can prove quiet the breakthrough in providing better rejuvenation to those critically injured. And think those with great minds such as ours can be reborn into the world. Wouldn't you agree, Zucchini?"

That name, he had first began calling me that as a child to tease me into tears, now the name merely brings a mad blush to my cheeks as only he and Fanny can do.

"You of all people know not to look at the pros only. We are doing this for the Eursk government, aren't we? What's preventing them from using the Shell research to create Puppet Terrorism and other marionette crimes?"

"That is already being done with robots." Trust pointed out. "So what misdeeds they can do is not unknown to me. Only unlike robots android bodies can now maintain human life."

"Yeah, the three of us can be together forever." Fanny grinned.

"Well the heads sure are pushing us to make more for a breakthrough. I haven't seen the natural light of day much this week." I sighed knowing I could not win against the famous Seagate siblings. "Well, how is the Clinheart project coming along?"

"That project is moving along far quicker than the Shell, Eursk wants to see if it is possible to harness the raw energy created by unprocessed Zimphorium. We will be able to test it Monday."

Fanny was back to sketching in her book, half listening to our conversation. "Yep and I've been assigned to analyze and compute the readings."

I wanted to laugh at how cheerful working with her brother always made Fanny. It was almost impossible not to see her with him. All of my childhood ever since I had first seen them sixteen years ago when I was five I had never really seen the two of them apart.

And in a way that's how it is with me…a part of them, always together.

In some disillusioned fancy I believed that we would always be like that. A triangle of great friends held strong by our years together.

What a fool I was! How silly and selfish.

"Trust, do you think you can really handle all of the pressure of two major projects? Eursk is already breathing down our necks with the Shell project and if what you're saying is true than it must be twice as difficult and demanding with the Clinheart."

"Oh enough with our classes and projects, this is our day off and I won't waste it thinking about work." Fanny declared slamming her pencil down upon her book. "Now come on let's go shopping!"

Before any of us knew it she had taken both Trust and I and ripped us away from the half depleted malt to wherever her fancy desired.

Oh how my eyes stung, it always happened when I work on something for such a long period of time. I had to pause to rub at the burning sensation at the corners, to rub away the oncoming fatigue.

Never before had I been so thorough with my work. I knew I could always trust my first attempt to be nothing short of perfect, it was my natural talent working with machines. A talent I despised even before I entered into the Eursk Science Institute with Fanny and Trust.

My fingers numb with the extensive work shook from the overly strong cup of coffee I had just drank, the wielder burned the tips of my fingers as I aided the assimilation process of her spinal column to the rest of her artificial body.

But I didn't feel the pain of the burn; I knew only one thing…"I'm almost done, Fanny."

Things will never be the same again. But Fanny, she'll be able to do everything again. She'll be able to live and dance again. She'll be able to love him again.

Being a student of the ESI left me with little time and very little reasons to shop for new clothing. All I needed were my class uniforms and my overalls for my dirty lab work.

Sadly Fanny didn't share the same train of thought as I, she would and could find some sort of reason to wear her new gown at some point during the week even if it was doing something as silly as accepting a date with a guy she truly didn't like.

I could laugh at her vanity sometimes.

But this trip the atmosphere of the clothing store could not stop my wondering mind. It was Sunday, the day after and we sat at the food court enjoying a nice small snack to tide us over until dinner. It was all so pleasant with just me and her, so nice just as it always was…until I let my personal thoughts slip.

"I always thought Trust shouldn't have taken on those projects." I sighed into my soda, "It's too much for him to do."

"Are you kidding me?" Fanny questioned me with disbelief burning in her light brown eyes.

"Fanny, look at him, he's obsessed with his work."

"But that's why the heads and the deans choose him. They know he'll do anything to complete these projects." She retorted with loving adoration tainting her voice as it always did when she spoke about her brother.

"I've spoken with the deans," I sighed with my admittance. Fanny's eyes burning with disbelief and accusation quickly brought me about to explain my actions. "I went only to ask about the overall performance of the Shell project and their thoughts about it. I overheard them say that the final Clinheart test is too risky to perform at the institute, they might even pull it from Trust altogether and hand it over to someone else in the government testing labs. They are acting very suspicious about the Shell project as well."

"Zuki I can't believe you. I thought you cared about my brother and the work we do at the institute." She sneered darkly towards my direction making my desire to finish my soda vanish.

"Fanny I do care." I protested. "I love Trust, but I question what Eursk plans to do with all of the work we all have done lately. Never in the history of this place has anyone been pushed as much as your brother has and you know it. I saw and heard everything, Fanny, so I know that it's true; they're going to just cut us off as we're coming to the end." I turned my face away from Fannel's eyes which glazed at me in utter rage. "I don't trust what Eursk is doing but I do know that if they say the test is dangerous then I know there is a terrible risk."

"You bitch!" The growled words brought my shocked eyes onto her with a sharp snap of my head. "I thought you understood him…us." She stated down upon me in her anger ever defending her brother's name and intelligence.


"Shut up, Zuki! You don't know him and you don't love him! No one will ever love him like I do!"

There it was the cat was out of the bag, she had finally said what I had suspected. She loved her brother not as a sister should but beyond that. "Trust is a genius, better than some dumb mechanoid mechanic who got lucky in her position. He knows what he is doing and he can perform that test in that very lab without trouble."

Her words pierced my heart with brutal cruelty. No, I did not like nor enjoy the assignments I had with the ESI mechanics lab but I did take pride in what I could do. Standing up from my seat I grabbed my belongings, "Fannel, you can go to hell for all I care; you and your thickheaded brother!" With that I made a steady heated march towards the doors hoping that I would never see Fannel Seagate for a good long while.

"So what are you going to do now?" Her chilling voice stopped me dead in my tracks. "Go tell the founders and the Eursk authorities what we're going to do tonight?"

I shook my head from side to side holding back my pain. "What purpose could that possibly serve when you two idiots can't be stopped at any cost?"

I had went back to my room all alone and began tweaking with a small mechanical dancing doll that belonged to the little girl whose mother worked at the eye glass shop, recently I had to invest in a magnifying monocle eye piece to see some of my work better.

I grinned, working on small things and bio-mechinoids were far more a pleasing task than the androids and shells. I found concentrating on putting something together or making some little toy helped me to forget about the argument and ruined relationship that occurred some hours ago. It would work far better than it did when she had first bought it.

That's when it happened, the lights about my room flickered and died pitching me into total darkness until the red emergency lights lined about the edges of my room illuminated.

I looked out my window to see the city was as my room was, either pitch black or cast in the soft glows of emergency backup lights.

A thousand different things could have happened to cause the citywide power outage but I knew, I don't know how but I knew, that something horrible had happened and it happened to Fannel and Trust.

My feet were moving far quicker than my mind could understand. One moment I was staring out of the window of my room then the next I was running as quickly as I could down the block back towards the institute where my dearest and only friends had been.

I don't know how I was able to push through the spectators of locals, students, teachers, and the police, I don't know how I even made it up to the lab but somehow I did.

"Fanny! Trust!" I screamed looking around what was once the prime physics lab. There was no one there, only the destroyed lab, one of my finished androids mangled and destroyed, the authorities, and bloods so much blood.

Shaken at the sight I was drinking in I wasn't aware that a detective dressed rather causally compared to the uniformed police officers, "Miss, are you a friend of the offender?" She asked taking me by my elbow and pulling me away from the horrid scene.

"Yes, I'm…'the offender'?" I asked tearing my eyes away from the destruction to stare at the forty-ish woman.

Turning her head sharply so that her ponytail flicked onto her shoulder she informed me just how serious things were, "Trust Seagate, there is an APB for him."

"What about Fanny…um Fannel Seagate, his sister?" I asked unsure, scared, and feeling very much like a confused child.

"How close are you to them?" She questioned in the emotionless yet apprehensive tone police usually used, making them seem that they didn't really care what you felt only what you could tell them.

"They're my family." I answered in all honesty.

"Please come with us." The nearby officer commanded in a gentle yet tired tone of voice leading me out of what remained of the lab.

They lead then sat me down in the security office, turning my attention towards the walls of monitors, one in particular showing the playback of the events which had occurred in the lab. I watched in suppressed horror as the two sneaky siblings on the screen began the usual routine of tests and checks to the equipment before starting their work on the unprocessed Zimphorium crystals. For a while it was like I was watching a recording of one of their far earlier experiments with the crude crystals, not a bit of evidence I knew would soon end badly.

With ease Trust tapped into the crystals using the bulky equipment and extracting the unstable bit they would need. They needed to test the extracted energy on something. That something so happened to be an android shell I had given them to assist in their work and any dangerous task I didn't even want to imagine them trying to perform. I had given it to them into the second semester, the very year we were assigned those great projects.

They grinned toothily at the crystals of Zimphorium as the glows grew turning brighter and brighter in a pure white near blinding light. They were processing the energy the stones were known for creating and amplifying. I had been present for nearly every public showing of their tests and as I watched the monitor I witnessed the light grow beyond the level I had last seen.

All of that power, raw power, going into a simple shell not designed to take so much in such a manner without a serious overload.

Mentally I begged that they stop. Hoping against the knowledge that I already knew that what was about to happen wouldn't.

Then it happened, too quickly to really process. It was like seeing a balloon pop, one moment it was there and the next it was gone. Just as one moment there was Trust and Fanny grinning at their progress and the next the light flashed and the screen went black.

"The emergency power will kick in in just a second." The inspector stated even though I already knew.

The image flickered coming back on so that I could only gasp in horrified shock at what it showed me. Staring at the playback image of Trust holding onto the limp body of sweet Fannel, mangled and twisted in a position I knew wasn't natural.

I had to sit down.

It was the way he was looking at her, the way only a broken soul could do. His sights moved from his sister to travel about the room, the destroyed lab taking in all of his work burning down into cinders until finally he looked at the dead android. And then his eyes focused in a way I knew well when he came up with an idea.

"Shell." I didn't know I had said it aloud until the men flew onto their feet and rushing out of the security office.

They looked for three hours before they found him in one of the more basic labs on the lower levels of the institute. Working on her, working on Fanny like Frankenstein when he constructed his monster, sadly he lacked the skills of Frankenstein, had he the skill of a 'dumb mechanoid mechanic who got lucky in her position' he might have done it.

They said he fought the men tooth and nail and struggled to return to his work of healing his sister. He knew they would destroy her; Eursk had no need to spend their time and money on a simple girl.

The police sent me home, promising to speak with me later. I went back to work trying to ease my anxiety but nothing really could do, Trust's face would not leave me even as I went on to work on the damaged android long before the institute's heads could ask me to. The way he looked broken, the way he looked as if something within him had died. No, Fanny had died and with her went a piece of him.

She wasn't dead. No, her mind lived, he had managed to, as we say it, put it on ice before any damage or death could occur.

"I could do it."

I don't know where the thought had come from but when I did dwell on it I realized that I could. I could convince the heads of Eursk to allow me to mend Fanny, if Trust could convince me why I should.

But then he didn't need to, my love for him, the need to take away the pain that made him look so would have made me do it otherwise.

That's when I made my choice to go see him for myself. That's how I came to be in the lab working nonstop.

The digital clock engraved into the lab's wall chimed the early morning hour as four AM, and at long last I sat the fuser down with my hands numb, blistering and bleeding from where my fatigue brought about careless slips. Finished. I was finished and all I had left to do was sit and wait for her to take to the rest of her assimilation.

Looking down at the dry blood staining my fingers and the grime trapped between my nails I couldn't help it, the tears that began to trickle down my cheeks.

I wondered was this truly my fate? To be locked away in a lab fixing and creating these machines who would lead more of a life than I?

I sat there on my stool just looking down at the ground letting time slip around me like the wind, wondering what purpose could me doing anything else possibly serve.

Really I was just like the very things I toiled over, giving them a life because I no longer had one of my own. Fannel lives now, now Trust could be happy again just like I want, but it wouldn't be for me, it wouldn't be with me. By doing what I did I had practically let him go. How selfish of me.

"Why are you crying?"

Looking up at her face no longer still but moving and looking pityingly down at me.

"Fanny!" I cried finally understanding how Trust felt when the android body finally moved.

"Zuki, what's wrong?"

Staring up into her eyes, those beautiful eyes that once comforted me in my most dire hours of panicked studying, the very eyes that shared sweet moments of laughter and joy, I found that I couldn't tell her the source of my very pain was her very life.

"Nothin' Fanny. Oh Trust is going to be so happy when he sees you." I grinned at thinking for my pleasure of seeing Trust's joy when he saw our dear Fannel 'alive' and walking as she did before the transfer.


Her face was confused and lost, hearing her say his name void of the loving adoration that was usually there froze my heart.

"You don't remember him?"

"No. But I should know shouldn't I? Yes, he's very important to me isn't he?…He's…Zuki, I'm drawing blanks. What's wrong with me?" Her panicked voice brought me onto my aching knees to embrace her before she too trembled from the table onto the floor.

That's when it was all clear to me, far more clear than I ever wanted to see with the Eursk government. They weren't going to destroy her, but they might as well have, "The bastards. They wanted to make her a clean slate." I hissed to myself. A weapon, all of my hard work, everything I was doing in that damnable school was merely to create weapons and puppets for them. And sweet Fannel was next.

That's when I remembered something; the dean had given it to me when I had made my deal, practically signing my soul over to devils.

The mystery was now solved and gone was the confusion I felt when the dean winked at me as he handed it to me cryptically whispering 'You'll know what to do with it soon.'

Pick the memory card from my pocket I sat the sobbing Fannel back down on the table. "We're going to fix that." I whispered attaching a cord to the small port connection in the base of her neck and my computer. Thought transference, to my luck, was a simple task long perfected before my birth. With only a few simple key strokes I began to replace what was already taken.

Fanny groaned once, calling out for me in fright as she looked wildly before her in fear.

"Hush, hush. These are your memories Fanny; these are your memories of Trust, your brother." I whispered stroking her cheek over and over in comfort.

Watching the little bar decrease as the download went on I felt a bit of tension lift from my shoulders, we were almost done. So close, so close, so-

Error 3.16. Error 3.16. Compromised data. Transfer incomplete.

An error? But surely they didn't have the time to begin filtering and erasing her stored memories from the card. Did they?

No, wait, it couldn't be.

She couldn't remember Trust not too long ago. What about her most intense feeling for her brother? Her unnatural love for him, the love I couldn't compete against?

I wanted to cry at it all, each time I thought we were done something else was thrown in my path. It was a test; I'm sure, a test by Eursk to see just how good I was, to see just what they were getting with me. I hated them, oh how I hated them. But for them, my friend, my family, my hearts, my souls, and my loves I would do anything.

It wasn't too difficult retrieving some of the automatic backup of Fannel's love but still there was a small bit missing.

One would think I would have been please that I was able to bring back that little part of her; but no, not I, Trust deserved much more than I had to offer, he deserved my best effort.

Thought transference…a marvel well perfected long before my birth, not only worked from mind to machine, but from mind to mind too.

"Fanny, we're almost done." I smiled sadly at her taking off my dirty work clothes to lie on the table beside her.

"Zuki, what are you doing?" She asked me with surprise in her tender voice.

Crying I wrapped my arms about her burying my face into her shoulder, "I love him so much." I sobbed to her.

From above my head I heard her gasp. "Zuki." Fanny whispered just as her arms wrapped about my shaking shoulders.

'No one will ever love him like I do!' Those very words had been said to me in anger. I had been enraged by what she said to me that day, enough to want to bring an end to our friendship of sixteen years. But now as I laid down on the table, hissing and crying as the plugs pressed their tiny burning needles into my temples and the base of my neck, I couldn't help but understand the truth in her words and how much more of a truth I was about to make it.

No one would ever be able to love Trust like Fannel because she would have the love she had for him…and mine.

"Trust Seagate. You are hereby released of your charges on grounds of the 'accidental murder' of Fannel Seagate. You are no longer allowed to continue your personal research with the Clinheart energy/weapon project in private, any and all information you procure must be submitted to an assigned government agent and your experiments must be done in an Eursk government lab or building where you can be monitored." The authoritative tone of voice of the judge stated stoically at Trust as he stood stone still before them awaiting his release.

"What about the android shell-"

They didn't allow him to finish. "Your involvement in that project has been terminated, indefinitely."

"And my sister?"

"She is dead Mr. Seagate, it is best that you come to accept this. Dismissed."

Trust didn't have much of a chance to let his words sink in before he was literally carried out of the courtroom and deposited on his feet outside the jail steps.

He looked somewhat tired, hopeless, almost as though all life he had was gone. He didn't notice me standing there before him with my hands clasped behind me until he was practically on me. He looked up at me rather hopelessly, making me feel like I wasn't there to begin with.

"Zuki." He whispered, broken.

"I got you something, something for getting out so soon." I stated.

"Thanks Zuki, but I don't think-" Before he could finish I stepped away revealing Fanny standing cheerful and bright behind me.

It was like watching the dark clouds of a storm suddenly clear away, "Fanny!" Trust smiled opening his arms for his sister to run into. The reunion was sweet, with Trust spinning Fanny around in his arms as he hugged her, bathed her face with tearful kisses muttering blissful exclamations of happiness, and repeating that she was alive for us to hear and know as if we weren't well aware.

Sitting Fanny down and kissing her forehead once more he turned his eyes towards me. "Zucchini." Trust stated resulting to my old nick name, the name that once made my face burn with embarrassment and anger.

I didn't feel that with him anymore.

He took my hands quickly taking notice of the bandages wrapped about them from fingers to knuckles to wrists. "Zucchini, you are an angel among mere mortals." He grinned lowering his lips to press kindly against my healing fingertips.

Pulling my hands away I tucked them into the pockets of my jeans. "I'm no angel." I stated honestly staring him in the eyes instead of turning away like I once did a lifetime ago.

For a small moment his eyes lost the joy to give way to confusion, "Your eyes," Trust's brows furrowed with concern. "There's something missing in your eyes."

"Whatever it was it was useless there." I stated far more coldly to him than I had anticipated. "So I put it somewhere more useful." I said nodding towards Fanny.

Trust looked confused turning his sight to his sister looking at her searching for the look I once held. I didn't bother to say good bye, I didn't say anything really, I just turned away from them walking away and heading home again colder and almost uncaring if I did or didn't ever see the two of them again. I was still hurting on some level, in a way I felt a little betrayed, and not to mention I was still very tired.

The bond was broken…but in a way from what I did, the three of us would be together forever.

And so I sit now some years later, still working in top secrecy in my sterile lab working on the Android Shell Project, toiling in my solitude.

It was my exchange to the Eursk government, I would work for them, forever in a job I despised but with a skill unlike any of the others, in return Fanny would live, and Trust and Fannel were allowed to be together with no harassment from Eursk or the people. I see them from time to time, small chance meetings when we pass on the street, we don't feel the same way anymore.

The Shells I make, I can do anything to them now, anything that the Eursk desires. I can make them soulless robots ready to be programmed, have lives transferred into them, or what have you. I can make them tailored to do whatever is needed. I can do so much with them; my skills have evolved since that day.

Sometimes the very question I asked Trust that night I repeat onto myself.

Does it really mean that much to me?

As I turn the switch of my latest Shell constructed of spare parts both organic and mechanic I sigh deeply when those hazel eyes opened and focused on me. My heart beat doesn't speed up like it once did once upon a time, but that's okay.

"You look so sad." It, this male Shell, observed his fair brows drew together with such tender concern.

I smirked, no I didn't look sad I looked broken just like the Shells and people I was assigned to mend. Reaching up I brushed back his brown-auburn hair. He reminded me of Trust because he was the exact opposite of him; I made him to be the exact opposite.

I leaned forwards in my action and placed an empty kiss upon his lips amazed to actually feel a small touch of warmth.

Maybe in time it would all change. For that I would keep him for myself, the ESI owed me an assistant.

As I said before, love is really nothing more than a word, it is the complicated feeling everyone desires so. But we are not aware of how fragile and complex it truly is. We hear and see only the splendor unaware of the sad lament it truly is. Love or what we perceive it as is truly in nature…

"Mendacious." I whispered removing my lips from his unaware that he had joined in on the act.

"Pardon?" My Shell questioned. Yes I would have to educate him entirely on what he was now, the CPU in his bio-mechinoid mind would need it, and I could not bear to keep a simple soulless Shell. He was part human after all, it was in his nature.

"Your name is Lie." I stated firmly. In time I could love him, I know I would since he would be the only company I would allow myself. It's only natural.

Sometimes the very question I asked Trust that night I repeat onto myself.

Did it, does it really mean that much to me?

Yes. Yes, it does.