I release you from your promises

I release you from your vows

please do not ask my why

or even ask me how

you cannot keep your word to me

no matter how hard you try

You cannot keep your oaths to me

not even when I cry

SO many others they count on you

They need you every day

You cannot say the same for me

I'm different in every way

I have learned to stand alone

upon myself depend

So it is I who must let go

if I will be your friend

I release you from your blood oath

Though I will hold to mine

I release you from your friend ship to me

so you can care for Thee and thine

I release you from all responsiblity

I release you from all care

but promise I will be here for you

whenever you feel dispair

I turn and walk away from you

to set your spirit free

yet I will stay in the shackles of


Come to me when your weary

come to me when your sore

though I no longer take for you

I can always give you more

You are my closest friend

the little brother of my heart

and though it tears my soul

I must set us both apart

maybe someday it will be different

someday you will be free

of all those who depend on you

and will not let you be

Yet if the one you love hurts you

or the one you respect brings pain

you have only to come to me

I will make you smile again

even though it tears my soul

and some in me dies

even though I wish to weep

from telling smiling lies

You will never again know

if I am in sorrow or pain

You will only see the happy smile

and never tears like rain

I have to let you go

I have to set you free

even though it hurts so much

I will not selfish be

Yet I cannot let you face life

and face it all alone

because I have known so much

had many aspects shown

So at the edge I'll stand

unable to depart

Even though it tears at me

and rips my heart apart

In time the pain will lesson

in time the pain will die

my heart will wither and shatter

the my face will not be a lie

I pray the gods watch over you

Even though they are far

I pray your god watches over you

my bright and shining star

but I must turn away

but I must stand and go

even though it destroys me

I care for you even so