This story has been sitting around during years in my PC. I hope you like it, R&R. Thanks :D


The moon shone brightly, but that was not the only light shining over the couples dancing in the garden of the big mansion. Surrounding the tables countless fireflies lighted the party. Peach colored roses and cream table clothing completed the romantic atmosphere. A sweet soft melody meant for the loving dancers filled the atmosphere.

Among the dancers a girl and a boy could not stop staring at each other. She was wearing a peach colored dress, the same color of the roses on the tables. The young man held her from the waist and she laughed while dancing. They looked great together, they looked like they were meant to be together. After the dance he ask her to come along to the kiosk by the lake.

-Sandra... -he started,- ... I want you to accept this gift as a symbol of the promise we made that day on the flower field... -the young man opened a box that had a brooch inside. It was oval shaped and had a rose trapped in an ember tear. It was really beautiful. Sandra took the gift and while she put it on she said:

-Ivan... it's beautiful... and just like this flower is never going to die, our love will live forever...

-... Forever together, my princess... -Ivan softly leaned toward Sandra and kissed her under the moonlight shinning over the lake.

The next morning Ivan went to his beloved Sandra's house to pick her up for a lovely day out. He had planned to take her to the river and spent part of the day sailing, then take her to a pic-nic on the flower field they loved so much. But before any of that, Ivan's mother asked to meet with Sandra so they could settle some details of the wedding. Ivan insisted that those wedding details would be solved better by her and Sandra's mother, but the old lady was too stubborn. Ivan had no choice but to take his fiancee to his mother's house.

Ivan gently helped Sandra down the carriage. She was wearing a wonderful white dress, with light blue ribbons and the brooch Ivan gave her last night. As the couple walked towards the house, a soldier came and addressed Ivan.

-Captain, Sir... -said the soldier.

-What's wrong? Everyone should be at home, the war is over.

-...captain... some rebels took Zapozotlan, sir, the base informed that we are meant to help those people. -—Ivan's mother came out the door just on time to hear the news. Ivan was about to follow the soldier but felt Sandra's hand stopping him.

-Sandy, remember the promise... Forever together. I'm coming back to you. -He kissed her on the lips, then kissed her mother on the forehead and leave with the soldier. -The two women cried standing in the porch, they both worried about the same thing, if they where going to see Ivan again.