During a long time the brooch traveled all across the country, passing from hand to hand from one young girl to another along with Sandra and Ivan's story. Until it came a day where no one remembered exactly what had happened.

People say that its original owner lived a long time of hope, but at the end she died of sadness… -the antique seller told a young lady who just asked about it.- …and it's said that this brooch looks for its owner, it has never last long in the hands of another person.

-You don't believe that, do you? –asked the young girl.

-No, but an antique with history is far more interesting, wont you agree? –the young girl giggled and thought that the old man had a good point and immediately bought the brooch.

In her way out she put the brooch on her brown jacket. Certainly the story about a brooch seeking its owner was interesting. She felt like doing some research about it.

Melany was a young lady studding her master in history and did some work for the local museum. She was a lover of old things and good stories, and that brooch was both things. She dedicated some time to find something on Sandra Mconal. That something was a bit less than a couple of lines saying that she was a rich girl, but single, in other words, nothing about the brooch or the famous captain Logan. Melany remembered the old guy saying that Sandra died from sadness.

In these modern times no one believed that people could die from sadness. Melany was intrigued. Thanks to the museum, she could found a painting of Sandra; she was surprised by what she saw in the painting.

-She looks just like you, –the guard told her- that's why I remembered seeing it. –Melany smiled to the guy. She had exactly the same smile that the painting, the same glitter in the eyes.

-Excuse me, but, do you have more paintings or pictures of the same time that this one?

-Miss, the war in those days destroyed a lot of those things. People rather save their lives than the paintings. –the guard said.

-I see… so, anything from the Logans, you'll be doing me a big favor. –Melany pressed.

-Your ancestors?

-I'm working on my final research, and it is about this people. I study history you know…

-Come with me, we'll se what can we find.

The guard guided Melany to the restoration room; Melany had been there once or twice, so she knew the procedures. The old guy brought a file box filled with pictures and different donations to the museum with history about those years. He leaved Melany alone so she could do her work.

Little by little she pulled out the box books, pictures and paintings from the people that lived at the same time Sandra and Ivan lived. She knew Sandra, but finding Ivan would be a hard task. Melany went every day to spend some time researching the past, the sorrowful war, the beautiful parties… hopping she would find something about Ivan some where. She felt some strange force guiding her, pushing her; during her investigation she almost had rebuilt the entire town from those days. The museum got interested in her results and asked her to continue only with that task so the could build an exhibition of how the town had evolved during its 200 years anniversary festivities.