this is a sex-type-manifesto
and you aren't going to get out of here alive

.and oh I found your pullable hair and made you bleed, digging teeth into skin and nails into exposed flesh. mattresses were screaming into backbones, we spilt out lives over the beer stains. we were full of rust stained infections, but when we decayed, we'd smell like teenaged orgasms.

yeah, so I put you in my Ziploc bag and threw you to the dogs

.you smelt like shampoo and, naturally, alcohol. I was intoxicated and the world was just starting to talk,, we were corrupted and slipping on tomorrows. there was laugher in your eyes when I busted my head open on society. you had seen it coming but wanted to see the beauty in the breakdown

(( I found you again,
sleeping in the corners of my mouth
picking glitter out of my cavities))

.you were my oddity, and I found the cracks in your face to play connect the dots with blister kisses. you questioned my reality and the stars that were falling from my eyes, we were a mixed mass of studded belts and undone pants. I was pressed into your wall when I realized I got it all backwards when I said it was you who was addicted to me.
.I made you tangible when I held the razor up to your neck.