Vaporous the misty morning as new day dawns

Dew of evening tide lingers yet on the mossy ground

In the distance silhouetted against the sky, the fawns

It is in amongst pines and woodlands where violets are found

Inamorato, dearest little inamorato of a plant so tenderly clad

With their leaves showing they have heart, petals lavender arrayed

Somewhere a Lass reaches forth and taking hold gives unto the Lad

In moments passing where tenderness abounds with naught to be afraid

Orison so sweetly offered as a perfume lingering in the air

In quiet unrushed treasured time

Such a wellness, a fairness to the inner spirit felt that all is well fair

Beside the violets tenderly growing, so too the sage, marigolds and thyme

Lambently as morning sun arises giving aura of soft radiance

It is as the late night dew meets with the warmth of new dawn sun

With gentle swaying of the zephyrs, harmonies of nature give way to dance

Then seagulls given to soar as distant shore gives beckon, while on waves they run

Effectual the branches stormy wind tossed, scattered to the ground, broken asunder

With life cycles taking hold, giving matter to break down providing niches

You know, those cozy areas way deep down under

The trees towering heavenwards where at their bases found growing are natures riches

Taciturnous the littlest of the florals, so profoundly quiet in their manner

Violets reserved, hidden in valleys low, allowing for the moss to tickle their stems

What is their desire to proclaim both far and wide on a glorious banner…

"We may be so small, hidden away and yet more valuable than the costliest of gems."

Sensuous and ahhh such the delicacy, may the violets be cultivated sempiternally

For Aliveness of Life is known when just a brush of their petal softness

Gracefully touches outstretched fingertips giving to know that desire found lasting eternally

But for now I wait as Winter snows blanket the moss…and violets too are given to wait, yet in anticipation nevertheless