Cinnamon Kiss

Sawyer and I leave the candy shop with our pockets full of jellybeans, the novelty kind with hundreds of flavours. I knew jellybeans would help cheer him up, and he sure needs it today, after Jeffrey up and dumped him in front of everyone. I never liked that Jeffrey. My best friend definately deserves better than that jerk.

I would never hurt him. I love him.

Of course, Sawyer doesn't see that.

We stand on a street corner, a big bag of little Technicolor beans open between us. Cinnamon is our favorite flavour, and each of us hurries to take them all before the other gets them. We will end up relinquishing our hordes, anyway. It's just a silly game, full of my flirts that he is completely blind to.

Why do I still try?

I love him.

"Try those green ones, Kyle!" Sawyer says excitedly.

I do, and nearly gag.

"That's disgusting!" I groan, spitting it into the gutter.

He laughs. "I know."

"Ugh, you bastard," I say with a wry smile. "Now I need a cinnamon one to get rid of that taste."

I root through the bag, but I don't see a single dark red jellybean left.

"Hey, Kyle, do I have jellybean stuck in my teeth?"

He opens his mouth wide and I take a look.

"Hey," I say sofly, "did you just eat a cinnamon one?"

Sawyer nods, a tiny smile tugging at his lips as he closes his mouth.

I dip down and kiss him full on the lips, and in the burst of a cinnamon kiss, we're in love.

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