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Cyric Masamune and nekopunkprincess

Barely a sound could be heard in the large office building. It was midnight after all. Yet on the executive levels, far above the slum and pedestrian hum of outdated combustion engines, a soft blue light shone. The light was coming from a board room and a row of computers hidden at the heart of the tower. A young man standing in front of one of the terminals sighed as his violet eyes flickered lightly, green streams of binary spiraling down into his pupils rapidly. His left hand skipped across the keyboard, fingers clicking keys nearly silently while a thin wire ran to the bracelet he had tightly about his wrist. The bracelet was the some of the only color on the boy: solid black, and tight, his clothing wrapped around him, cloaking him in the shadows. A raised surface was on his right forearm, small blue tubes running in complex patterns around it. A small and closefitting backpack rested about his shoulders. All in all: he was equipped to handle this little infiltration.

"Too easy…" he purred lightly, smiling as the data stream finished downloading directly to his cerebellum. The bracelet sat directly on an Inter-Biological Uplink: simply a collection circuits and wires fused with nerves and allowed him to directly link with computers through the microprocessors within the bracelet. He removed the cord and powered down the computer, only to hear a small click. He groaned in annoyance. Silent alarms were so twentieth century…

Without a backward glance, he dashed into the hall, throwing a small black orb over his shoulder. The young man took off at a run, moving rapidly around the corners and past offices as he moved away from the center of the building. He cursed as the lights on the floor flickered on, exposing every crevice and dispelling every shadow. Grumbling something about Quick-Bright Fluorescents, he turned a corner, only to run into several heavily armed guards.

Not stopping to slow down, he snapped his right wrist forward, smirking in satisfaction as several needles launched from the raised surface on his forearm—and imbedded themselves in the necks of the guards. They gurgled, pink foam appearing around the needle points as they slumped to the ground, groping at their necks. He dashed past, hardly sparing a glace at the bodies: they were just the newest in a long line of corpses.

He sighed fitfully as he saw glass: he had reached the edge of the building. He cursed as a bullet grazed his arm. The bullet impacted the glass, causing a silvery web of cracks to instantly appear around the impact hole. The young man smirked as more rounds impacted the glass. As usual, it was shoot to stop, not to kill.

"Idiots…" he whispered as he saw the glass buckle under the weight of the fragmentations. Laying his shoulder down and ramming into the glass, he smirked as the glass give way and a cold rush of air whipped around him. He closed his eyes and smiled happily: air at 300 stories was rather chilly but so pure…

He freefell for a few stories, sailing away from the monolithic building until the particular sounds of his partner's hovercraft near him brought him out of his serene trance. Violet eyes snapped open as he tucked into a ball, rolling over lightly as 3 spools raised up from the slight backpack he wore and hundreds of metal wires launched out, grappling onto the magnetic orb imbedded within a platform. He relaxed at the light tug that hit him as his freefall was stopped.

With feline grace, he climbed up the ropes and swung up, doing a flip and landing on the back of the hovercraft. He smirked and blew a kiss to the armed guards who fired hopelessly at the rising hovercraft. He rolled his eyes and hit a switch on the platform and on his vest. The magnet went out, the wires reeled back onto their spools and the small orb he had dropped in the board room exploded, engulfing the keyboards in fire and removing any trace of his DNA or fingerprints. With a flip of dark brown hair, he stalked inside the cabin as the hovercraft lifted quickly over the New Chicago skyline.

Ebony looked in the mirror and giggled at her reflection. Since it was bedtime, she was dressed in only a pair of the shortest shorts and a tiny tank top, an outfit that she knew would have any straight man drooling. She had the curves and the beauty to get just about whatever she wanted, and girls she knew pitied her because she never bothered to use those "gifts" to get guys and attention.

She had more important things to do than vie for male attention; and those important things included her most recent mission: exacting revenge on Lee McPheron. Why? Simple: Since her father had hired the man a week or so ago, he'd been following her around everywhere. She went shopping, he was right behind her; tried to get away and write, there he was; tried to paint, and he was there, too.

By all reasonable measures, she'd tried to get rid of him; and because each one of them had failed, she'd been forced to take extreme measures . . .

Ebony Misato was about to make that hot, overconfident son of a bitch named Lee McPheron regret having ever even contemplated taking the job her father offered to him as her personal bodyguard. Well, in all honesty, she didn't know what the job description included, but ever since being hired, he'd been never left her side, save for at night. And even then, he was only as far away as the next room.

Sneaking toward the door that connected her room to Lee's, she tiptoed like she imagined the assassins her father hired from the Guilds would, pretending she was on a high-risk mission and couldn't be caught. In her head, she pictured that she'd had to memorize the entire interior of the 300 floor corporation that she and Lee occupied as a duty to her father.

Of course, having lived in the place almost her entire life, Ebony had the place memorized anyway; but to play along with her wild imagination, she pretended that she'd forgotten exactly where to go. And so, pressing her body against the wall, she played the part of the Guild Herald, and pressed an imaginary telecommunication device on her head, near her ear. Herald was all about telecommunication, from what she'd heard.

Pretending to have asked for directions in the building, she "learned" that the perpetrator's dwelling was in the next room. She'd been close, so silly for her to have forgotten. Yeah, right, she thought, laughing. Giggling, she inched her way along the wall until she got to the door, and then spun around, pretending to have jumped an invisible security system or something.

Standing in front of the door, she thought of the Crusader's Guild, the smallest and most infamous of all. They were technological genii, but that was about all she knew about them; no one had ever been caught from that Guild. Still, she pretended she had their secret knowledge and "knew" that she had to open the door in a certain way, as to make sure she did not trigger an alarm.

Ebony grabbed the doorknob and twisted it slowly, wincing as the handle groaned its protest before she heard the light click that meant she could push the door open. Heart pounding, she pushed the door slowly away from her, her body shaking in nervousness as she prayed the hinges were well oiled.

When the door was open just enough to let a little bit of light seep through into the next room, she was so excited that she nearly squealed. Luckily for her, she stifled it just in time and let out only a near-silent giggle as she turned tail and half tiptoed, half ran across the room, where she grabbed a small box and then headed into Lee's room.

Once inside, Ebony snuck across the room, her heart pounding in her small body as she neared the bed where Lee slept. If she was correct in assuming his job description, chances were, he was a very light sleeper and would wake up when she got too close. But as she neared, all she heard was his deep, even breaths that implied deep sleep.

Sighing her relief, the black-haired, black-eyed girl crawled slowly and fearfully onto the mattress, straddling one very sexy, toned man who was trained so well that if he woke up, she might end up dead as a result of mere reflex. But that wasn't going to happen, she kept telling herself; the amount of sedative she's slipped into his drink at dinner would make sure of that.

Ebony smiled evilly as she tore open the cardboard box and spilled its contents carefully onto the man's naked chest. She paused a moment, wondering if he preferred to sleep in just shorts, like many of the boys she knew did. Well, at the moment, that wasn't her concern, so she shook off the thought and starting to mix the ingredients she'd dumped out on his chest, or, to be more specific, the hair dye.

Yes, hair dye. Mr. Overconfident seemed quite concerned with the way his hair looked, as he nervously adjusted it every single time he was around her. Ebony wasn't stupid, so she knew for a fact that he wasn't playing with his hair out of attraction; he didn't look at her like that, thank the gods. But he did play with it a little too much, with no reason at all: It never moved from its position. Ever. So, she was going to give him a reason to be so concerned with it.

After mixing the ingredients, Ebony gingerly started to apply the dye, at first being very careful, and then being overall liberal.

Looking down at his seemingly nude body, Ebony studied the blue R tattooed on Lee's upper arm, marking him as being part of the Guild called Reclaimers. To her, that meant that her dad would have hired him for the sole purpose of making sure that nothing would be stolen from him, and if it was, he'd be the one to get it back.

Once she was done applying the hair dye, Ebony went to move off Lee, but about a half second into doing just that, she paused as a feeling of eerie calm passed over her, and the thought 'It's too quiet' entered her brain. She realized that Lee had stopped breathing, as if he sensed something coming, and as soon as the thought left her brain, a shrill, high-pitched noise sounded; one of the corporation's silent alarms had been triggered.

"Damn it," she whispered softly into the darkness. "I knew it was too good to be true!"

She felt Lee's body shoot upright like a bullet beneath her, and her own body, clad in very little clothing, slipped down his chest and onto his lap. Her eyes wide, she felt the color drain from her face. Oh gods, she thought, he sleeps naked!

The man's eyes were wide and they landed on her with a look of suspicion, and in their hues, she saw the slightest trace of a murderous bloodlust. At that realization, she went rigid on his lap, not daring to move, even when she felt his hands slide up her arms to rest on her shoulders, his eyes trying desperately to peer through the darkness.

She had the box of dark blue hair dye clutched so hard in her fists that the box was crumpled; she didn't know what to say, if she should say something. Funny, or so she thought, that she had to force herself not to look down; not to look and see that certain organ that differentiated his gender from hers. That even if she didn't want him, it was so hard not to take a peek . . . just to see. Even when she thought he might literally murder her.

"Ebony?!" Lee's husky, womanizing voice seemed to echo in the stillness of the room, never mind the fact that the alarm was still going off. His voice was just enough distraction so that she didn't look down, but Ebony thought for a moment that if she were any other female, she'd be begging him to take her right then just from the sound of his voice. But she knew better; besides, she wasn't even attracted to him. And that fact still wasn't helping her not to look. Why did she want to see his gods-damned dick so much? Well, whatever the reason, Ebony breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the bloodlust immediately leave his eyes; he had recognized her.

And now she felt bad. Even though the guy had been following her around like the worst little lost puppy dog in existence, he was only doing it because he had been ordered to. It was kind of strange; ever since she'd gotten hurt doing gymnastics and had to have that operation on her lower back, her dad had been practically up her ass with his constant worrying. She supposed that maybe the reason she was so touchy with Lee was that she was thrown off by the sudden attention.

"Yeah, it's me," she responded in a voice a tad higher pitched than normal. She could feel his nakedness on her legs and it made her want to get off his bed and hide under hers, but before she could even begin to move, he grabbed her by her long, curly locks of black hair and pulled her so close that their noses almost touched.

"What are you doing in here?" he hissed all sexy like.

With a nervous giggle, Ebony tossed the box of hair dye away, hoping that he would never get the chance to read the label; despite the fact that there was no way he wasn't going to know that she'd slipped him some sleeping pills and dyed his hair for revenge. But as luck would have it, the box of hair dye landed in the small stream of light that poured in from her room. It would only happen to me . . .

So, of course Lee was able to read the box. The look he gave her made her feel as if she was about to have a heart attack; she thought he was going to hit her. But when he raised his hand, it was only to feel his hair, which was wet with the freshly applied hair dye. The only good thing about hair dye in 2078 was that it was virtually mess-free. Once applied, it sunk into the victim's hair and left no trace, save for the box and the tube that once held the dye, of evidence. One didn't even have to wash it out. And had that stupid alarm not tripped, she would have been able to clean up, get out of there, and leave no proof that she'd done anything. He'd know it was her, but he'd never be able to prove it.

As if coming down to the reality that the alarm was still going off, Lee grabbed Ebony by the arms and quickly pushed her away, being careful not to hurt her. Only the gods knew what Misato would do to him if he hurt his precious daughter. But the only reason he even cares about her is because she—

Lee jumped off the bed without a second thought, bewildered at the look of pure, unadulterated shock that Ebony was giving him, until she burst out into a fit of giggles and pointed between his legs before rushing out of the room. She'd been trying not to look so hard, but the second his full-frontal nude body stood up, her eyes had darted right between his legs.

Once inside her room, Lee heard the familiar click of the lock; it would be a long time before he could get back in there. But at least he knew she was safe, and now he could get to his job.

Grabbing a pair of sweats, Lee shook his head and smirked. "At least I'm not small," he whispered into the darkness.

"Lexi, you better punch it. Something tells me Misato is no where near happy!" the young man with the violet eyes yelled. He took off his backpack and walked forward and into the cockpit, leaning over the back of the pilot's chair. "Think you can move any faster?"

Piercing blue eyes glared up at him before flicking back to the space in front of the hovercraft. Platinum hair fell to about the shoulders of the young woman piloting the sleek black aircraft past buildings and through light traffic. This was Lexington Connors, commander of the Crusader team bird-dogging New Chicago.

"Who set off the damn alarm Emerson!?" she cried out, slamming the controls to the right and sending the brunette boy into a chair. She smirked at the grunt of pain that came from her subordinate. "Honestly. Did one of the hot guards distract you?"

"Please…Misato employs mostly female guards. All those curves…" Emerson shivered lightly, a twinkle of laughter in his eyes. He yelped in pain again as Lexi sent the ship into a dive, streaking past several of Misato's security cruisers that were just taking notice.

"You did get the data we needed right? I'd love to get paid this month…" the pilot grumbled as she dodged two more cars on her descent through the suspended platforms that made up New Chicago. The towering cities built upon the platforms were supported by a web of magnetically powered roadways and weather mooring cables: an obstacle course that was worrisome for even the best of pilots. But Lexi took it all in stride, worrying more about rent payments than her flying. She knew she was the best. End of story.

"Of course I did," Emerson said flippantly, playing with a strand of his hair idly. "You make it sound as if this was something hard." He smirked as the young woman flipped a switch, causing the ship to shudder and the engine to quiet almost instantly. The stealth technology came to life as the small hovercraft dove into the fog and smoke bank covering Old Chicago: the city sitting on actual ground.

"It was just a routine Infiltration after all…"