I am falling upon the hard, cold glass
It comes digging in my skin like a cat, clawing to get in
It feels like I'm fading, going numb, yet I feel the rush of pain
Once, then over and done
I always feel like it's the last moment,
But I keep holding on,
I really don't want to, I swear, I swear
But I've gotta keep the hold
Because you know I love him so,
I love him so that it makes me feel much more than I ever did
I feel worth something with him,
I have the tingling sensation with him,
No longer completely numb,
Not numb at all

The glass is digging further within, I don't know if I can hold on
Can't he have someone else?
Can't he let her fade?
I feel as though the other female; invades
Trying to make me feel inferior,
Trying to cause a cut upon my tight skin
The wholes in the sky are telling me it's almost over
Sun light no longer breaks through
It's the rain drops of tomorrow and yesterday, all over again
It's the batting eyes causing the tears to fall
It's the loving touch that makes her keep holding on
And the sunlight to push through