You may complain about motives and lies
Fabrications and smothered lives
But I have nothing to do with it

You may claim I sold you all
"Fight for the security of America"
But that's not what I enacted

You may think I asserted 9/11
And Saddam Hussein were always connected
But that's not what I said

You may dream the battle against terrorists
Throws men – in futility – to their fate
But it's nothing that I did

That's not what I said

The people of Iraq now know what it's like to be free
You may watch their lives blossom in liberty
Witness an entire nation gasping in dread
A choice they made; no blood on my hands

Because we always need more offensives
Reports detailing terrorist aggression
Voting ballots promoting the image of Iraq
Not capitalization on all the things I haven't said

For it's so much easier not to retain
What was once and stubbornly remains
It's not proper to alter history
I tell you this, now do you believe?

That's not what I said